Monday, January 27, 2014

Holy Crap! Remember These?! A Whole Heapin' Helpin' Of Childhood Nostalgia Flooded Me When I Found This Excellent Example Of A Radio Flyer Ride On At The Thrift Store Saturday Evening. Status: Available.


Doesn't everybody want their children to have (and more importantly...appreciate!) the same great toys we still cherish from our misspent youth (oh face it...we all know we wasted those first five or so years). Before the big consumer electronics dealers took over I bet that was eBay's bread and butter!


This is another example of going from thrift to thrift and walking out empty handed, then

finding a nugget of gold amidst the black sand just before heading home. It helps that we

have SO many thrift stores here in St.Louis. Heck, the thrift where I found this solid Maple

Radio Flyer Ride On toy was one of the thrifts that we often forget about. Glad I

remembered it Saturday!


I've already got this tagged up, but I didn't have time to get over to the antique mall booth. I

know I told y'all yesterday that I'd try to get the credenza / TV stand in there, and I truly

tried. It too is tagged and ready to go...but I woke this morning to realize I had failed

miserably to do any laundry over the weekend. I had Zero clean shirts. But tomorrow is

looking better, and I'll also be bringing in that NIB Dansk salad serving set...and who knows

what else!

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