Saturday, January 4, 2014

The French Quarter Isn't A Bargain Hunter's Dream But We Do Have Our Favorite Shops To Haunt When In Town. On This Particular Trip We Didn't Buy Anything Here But Not For Lack Of Swoon Worthy Finds. Status: Mystery / Left Behind.


I was really digging this lucite and wood sculpture we found at Collectible Antiques on Decatur.  I just couldn't pull that $150 trigger though.  Thing is, I could almost swear that I've seen this piece before, probably on the web.


Yeah, New Orleans around the holidays IS lovely.  Well, it's always lovely...but the twinkle lights

don't hurt!  This is Jackson Square, just across the street from the Cafe Du Monde...both renowned

landmarks in New Orleans.


I so wish I could make out that signature!  Is that date 1961 or 1981?  Grrrr...  $150?  You think that's

a bargain, fair price or a soaking?  I'd have maybe paid half or a little more for this, but I'd really

liked to know more about the artist.  Can anybody make out the name?  Pedro...something?  ::Sigh::  I

hope I didn't leave some priceless object behind cuz I'm a big ol' cheapskate!

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