Monday, January 27, 2014

Before And After. This Was The Last Piece Of The United Furniture Corp Bedroom Set That I Picked Up Last Year. Now It's A Fantastic Credenza / TV Stand! Status: Headed To Da Booth!


This has become a pretty flexible little piece!  It can be used as a bookshelf and display stand, a TV entertainment center or even as a footboard case piece.  You could even place this on top of a long dresser or credenza for additional storage and display area.  See, flexible!


You might remember this piece from way back when I first started up in the shop in Frenchtown /

Old St. Charles.  It was part of a complete bedroom set that got sold off a piece at a time.  Only thing

left was the bed.  I decided to re-purpose the case on top of the headboard and be rid of the rest.  It

was a full and wasn't going to be going anywhere too quick anyway.

DSCN0577 copy

So I think the bed gave it's life for a worthy cause, don't you?  This looks great!  If we had the kind of

space that this would work in I'd just keep it for myself!  I picked up the hairpin legs last weekend

while at the South County Antique Mall.  This headboard was the first thing I thought of when I

spotted them.  I've got tons of taller hairpin legs but most are taller than these.


This set of legs turned out to be the perfect height.  The only decision left was their orientation.  I

might have tried to splay them all out at 45 degree angles but I thought the 180 degree apposed

"George Nelson" look
might be best.  I've been looking for a cheap broken flat panel TV on craigslist

to display in my booth on pieces like this.  No luck so far but I'm nothing if not persistent.  I'll have

one soon enough.  Obviously the one above was edited in, just to give you an idea of what it might

look like with a TV on it.  I might have enough time to drop this off at Creve Coeur tomorrow, but I

can't promise anything.  Watch my Twitter...if I make it, it'll be on there first!


  1. What a great idea! I just might 'borrow' that idea because I always see headboards very cheap and thrift stores. This is perfect for a TV console of sofa table. Good job, I think it will sell fast.

  2. Maybe I'm a purist but I wouldn't have separated it. It was meant as a headboard. Good intentions and artistic, though.

  3. do you know what the collection is called?

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Sorry, I don't. Oddly, I never thought about the fact that I haven't found a name for the line.