Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Is A Little Out Of The Ordinary For Mr. Modtomic: A Vintage Oak Blueprint File Coffee Table. Still, It Fits Right In Here In My Booth At Creve Coeur. Good Thing, 'Cuz About A Quarter Of My Items Disappeared Over The Week! Status: Available.


I've been really looking at leaning into the Restoration Hardware look in my offerings, if not yet in our home (though I'm still fishing for that perfect leather Chesterfield sofa!).  This vintage blueprint file case certainly fits that bill.  Just dropped it in the booth this afternoon after giving it a good cleanup.


I got lucky in that the previous owner had already installed some good looking wheels on the bottom,

but I still had to scrub this down with some Howard's and fine steel wool for about a half hour to get

it looking as lovely as it obviously does!  Luckily I already had some Howard's Restore-A-Finish in

Golden Oak that I had used on a previous project.  It worked like magic on this.  So did that can of

Elbow Grease.


This finished up almost pretty enough to keep.  The Girlfriend uses another like this in steel to store

some of her costume jewelry.  Of course, in a living room environment a better use for that drawer

space would be all those TV guides, Sears catalogs and VHFs.  Gotta keep it real, right?  Neah, we

got's all those Dwell, Atomic Ranch and Architectural Digest magazines that need a new home,

right?!  Can you think of a better home?


  1. Is that sofa in the background still available?

  2. sent you an email about this piece. thank you

  3. This may be a long shot but is this still available?