Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another (Sorta) Before And After! It's Really Just A Couple Of Shots Of One Cleaned Up Base And One Not So Much On A Pair Of Burke Upholstered Shell Chairs I Picked Up Over The Weekend. Status: Half Way There?


It's amazing what a little steel wool and cleaning solution can accomplish!  The seats and upholstery on this pair of Burke side chairs are in great shape but the bases have seen better days.  They've suffered at the feet of who knows how many people for who knows how many years.  Time to clean 'em up!





I picked up this fine pair of Burke swivel base chairs at the Fairview Heights Antique Mall Sunday

afternoon.  I had seen one of the two in there months earlier and was surprised to not only find it still

available, but to find a second along with it!  That sealed the deal.  I snatched them both. 

                                 Before                                                                             After


It's a shame to only have a pair but I'm sure somebody out there will find that these will look amazing

in there little kitchen area or breakfast nook.  Maybe they've got matching desks or like to have a mix

of dining chairs (personally, that drives me nuts!).  Whatever reason, I'm sure that after I get the

second chair base cleaned up and the chairs tagged, the pair will not last long in the booth.


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