Saturday, January 4, 2014

And That's A Wrap For Booth 195! Geez, Having To Move Out Of Two Places In One Month Kinda Sucks, But The Result Is Seriously Cool! Status: Beat.


Today was the day.  I finally started moving into my new space at The Creve Coeur Antique Mall, Booth 307.  It's far in the back of the rather sizable antique mall, just like booth 195 was, but this booth is actually a room unto itself with only a doorway to promote all the lovely, lovely what-nots contained within.  I need a sign.


Ahhhh....the wide open prairie.  Smell that fresh clean air.  A sky as big a...a really big thing

indeed.  Ok, so this isn't wide open and the air is only as clean as, well indoor air...but this is a LOT

of space for an antique mall vendor!  Check it out...Staging!!!


Of course, this is just the beginning.  I've only been able to move that which was in my former booth

into here along with two measly car loads of the mess that was loitering in our living room after

cleaning out the shop.  No worries, I've got plenty more to bring.  I promise, it's gonna be a maze of

awesomeness before you know it.


Who knew I'd actually NEED all those rugs that picked up last year!  I might actually pick up a few

more.  Them six chairs look pretty funny waiting on a table don't they?  Next weekend I hope to be

putting up the shelves that I had in the shop along the wall with the doorway.  I got some ideas / plans

to do some creative painting in here too.  Alas, we all know how I get right on projects.  We'll see.


  1. Nice man cave! The sign could say "Free beer with each purchase."

  2. Great looking space and I'm sure you'll have filled in no time. Weather permitting of course! I could use the H/W dog bone chairs for the right price but I'm sure you'll move these along to a happy buyer quickly. That and I have no interest coming north into what you are having to put up with right now! I moved to Florida almost 40 years ago from upstate NY and I can still remember what the bite of -20F. feels like. Getting too old for that anymore! Stay warm and great luck with the new space!

  3. Looks great! Lots of staging room and nice pieces!

  4. Thanks everybody. This winter is beginning to become a bore! Just as the streets and highways get cleaned up...more snow! This is not a normal St. Louis winter. This weekend should be OK though. I've got a trip to Columbia Mo planned but otherwise I'll be hitting the space hard with more stuff!