Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Booth 125 - Treasure Aisle. A Brief Tour For Those Who Love The Smalls! Status: Always With The Good Stuff!


Ah, the ubiquitous Primary Color Mixing Bowls!  Around here these are almost always, without fail, priced at $65 - $75.   Is this true of your area too?  It's like the gas stations and how they somehow all come up with about the same price for gas.  Weird, that.  But otherwise, this booth space ALWAYS has great retro kitchen smalls!


This is a serious commitment to smalls.  Kitsch-en smalls that is!  And while it seems there will

always be some of the same type items in here (I always see Russel Wright - Steubenville) that

doesn't mean it's always The Same items.  Turnover in this space seems to be pretty good.  Don't

see what ya need this trip...be sure to try again in a week or two.


I may have purchased a sizable lot of either Taylor Smith Taylor - Jamaica Bay or Salem

Biscayne from this booth in the past.  I'm pretty sure it was one of those two and a little more

sure it was from Booth 125 at the Treasure Aisle antique mall on Big Bend (see, I can talk

about booths other than My Space: Booth 44 at The Green Shag Market - "come by my stuff!"

::sigh::  I'm a sad self promoting man, am I not?).  This proprietor really has my retro style nailed. 

Just being in this booth makes me smile!


And it's such an easy booth to shop.  Clean, uncluttered and nothing to step over or bump into. 

Of course, that's a little easier to do when you have nothing but smalls.  One chair in here and the

whole dynamic shifts!  I hope to always be able to sell furnishings but I too may end up with just

shelves full of small in my spot.  From what I've heard, Treasure Aisle is one of the most

expensive malls to set up in, and if this seller can make ends meet with just smalls...well, perhaps

that's just the way to go!


I love all this stuff!  From the pink depression glass (I have a small collection of green depression

glass) to the Russel Wright serving pieces (I gots some of that too...a LOT of that!), all of this

stuff is right up Mr. Modtomic's alley!  I even used to have one of those penguin hot / cold serving

buckets.  Sold it in New Orleans a few years ago.


There's those Pyrex Primary (and green) mixing bowls...and look to the right, a Pyrex primary

refrigerator storage set!  Lots and lots of glassware.  If you need to complete a set...or secretly

replace one of Mom's glasses that you broke...Booth 125 might just be able to help ya out.


Lord have mercy, look...more beautiful Pyrex.  I'm not much into Roosters but I love that

beautiful blue color.  Again, the wheat pattern does very little for me but that vibrant orange

color is just amazing.  I might have to go back for the green refrigerator storage set.  I've got

the matching green to yellow mixing bowl set.


It must take forever to accumulate this much smalls. And then to be able to keep it restocked as

pieces find new homes, the seller must have a garage full of them. (sarcasm) Mr. Modtomic don't

know nuthin' about that. (/sarcasm) Actually, I do have tons of smalls around here, I just haven't

consolidated them and I find them so hard to give up! The fun thing though about having a booth

space now is that I can be a little less "personal taste" picky about what smalls I'm shopping for!

More buying! Yeah!


  1. I love that booth, I have definitely bought from it!!

    I have seen those Pyrex primary colors bowls for as little as $50 here in STL at a booth at another antique mall. I think the color was a bit fading, though. But they are always in the $50-85 range!

    I love to look at all the salt and pepper shakers the owner has, even though I don't collect them, some are too cute. The prices there are usually very cheap/reasonable (for an antique mall)

    1. We just drove through Indianapolis and stopped at a sizable antique mall called Southport and I was surprised to see the primary color sets there were in the $85 - $115 range! Once again, StL gots the bairgains. BTW, I'll be doing a posting on the Southport Antique Mall here soon, there was some really great stuff up in that joint!

  2. I've got a mix of stuff in my booth but more smalls than anything. They are so much easier for people to buy and easy to pick up and transport. Smalls pay the rent (and then some!) It's really pretty easy to accumulate a ton of smalls too. I know you aren't an auction fan but the right auction can completely fill a booth with smalls.

    I haven't paid much attention to the Pyrex primary bowls around here. I just completed a set and will probably sell it at some point but there is no way I'd be asking anywhere near that price! Probably half at most.

    1. Hi VH. I did eventually see a set out on the road for about $45 but still I couldn't pop on it! I did pop on an Orange to Yellow set but only paid less than $25.

  3. Nice eye candy and displayed well which is half the battle.
    Don't you hate it when they mix the old/thick and new/thin bowls. Well at least I do.

    1. Hi John. I'm still not sure I've seen or noticed the difference in thickness yet. I'll have to look into that a little closer.

  4. Too fun-I love that booth too. It's the first one I go to at Treasure Aisle. I've spent a few dollars in there!

    1. Hi Stacey. It's a real "go to booth" for the kitchen goodies!

  5. Oh how I LOVE Pyrex, its great to use and wonderful to look at! I do beleive I spot some Libby "Gold/silver foliage" wine glasses and high balls on those shelves as well. Im also always a sucker for the Libby "Carousel" glasses as well!

    1. Hi Mick. I spotted a huge set of what I think was probably that libbey foliage at a thrift store while on the road. I left it all behind. It looked a bit too formal for my tastes.

  6. Yeah for a bit I got sucked into picking up the Primary colours and making sets, up north here there around 50-65 per set. I'm kinda done with them and mostly have seconds left over now that are faded. I still look for Pyrex but mostly odd or rarer pieces now, it's kinda like Tupperware and the market seems flooded with everyone raiding Granny's cupboards for mixing bowls. I look mostly now for Hazel Atlas, Anchor Hocking or Bartlett Collins glass now.

    1. Haha, that's hilarious, because me and my fiance raided his parents cabinets and took all of their vintage Pyrex and Anchor Hocking!! His parents were married in the late 60s, and got most of the older Pyrex from the 50s and early 60s from his dad's mom.

      One of the casserole dishes had an odd tint and no lid, it wasn't Pyrex, so I googled it and found out that it was made in 1932. His father was born in 1933, so he must have ate plenty of meals out of it as a child, and now so will our future hypothetical children. :D I actually stole an Anchor Hocking one my mom had because it had the lid, lol!!

    2. Hi David. It just floors me that almost everybody prices the sets at almost the exact same price. I kind of make a game out of "predicting" the price when I see them at an antique mall!

  7. It is funny that you wrote STL has the bargains because I'm from the western half of Missouri and it seems like the prices in STL are quite a bit higher! All in the perspective, I guess. That being said, the primary colors in small town antique markets are priced in the $45 to $60 range but they seem to sit on the shelves for quite awhile. I, too, fill most of my booth with smalls - mostly because I don't have room for a lot of furniture and it is much easier to acquire smalls around here than big items. I can pack the truck with smalls from a day of garage sales and thrift store picking. My basement, unfortunately, is packed with them too!

    1. Hi Hunting T. Neither the Girlfriend nor I have a basement thankfully but if Illuminate ever gets here to this estate sale that I'm staking out, we are gonna apparently gonna dump a big Broyhill Brasilia dining set in hers!

  8. Before I got my Pyrex set I was going to multiple estate sales trying to hunt them down. Well I finally found a set for $25. Those bowls are not allowed to be used and displayed in the china cabinet.. I looked for months before I found my cheap set!

    1. Hi Illuminate1. Where are you? You're supposed to be here waiting for this estate sale to open with me! Have I seen your Pyrex? We use ours, especially for parties. Chips & dips!