Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Couple Of Stops At The Local Florissant Thrift Stores Thursday Yielded Much. Status: Surprised Myself!


I wanted to just poke my head into the three local thrifts before heading to my antique mall space to drop of some items and get to work on putting up some shelves. I ended up finding good stuff at all three! I also ended up spending way too much time doing so.

There was just so much good stuff to sift through...I had to take my time. I scored pretty good at

each shop too. The Salvation Army had that great Kroehler bedroom set and I picked up some

pegboard shelving that I REALLY needed for the booth space.


I also picked up this great pair of Kerosene Lanterns. I know, they ain't vintage modern or

anything but as soon as I saw them I couldn't help but think they'd sell quickly at the antique mall!

I had to grab 'em up. They are now available in my booth space (Booth 44) at the Green Shag

Market Antique Mall. I'd have liked to have painted them satin black before making them available

but just didn't have time. If they are unsold when I get back from VayKay I'll probably pull 'em

and paint 'em.


This super fun Shag Rug Type Art was proffered by the Value Village thrift store and snatched

right up by me! The colors really sock ya right in the kisser don't they?! But what the heck is up

with that frame? The juxtaposition is almost as jarring as the pop of color it surrounds. This went

up on the Pegboard in the booth this afternoon, too.


I love these plant stands! But I've leaned that I have absolutely no use for them. I had another just

like this before and sold it to a lucky buyer in New Orleans a while back. This one will be getting

a new coat of pretty before being sold though. Other than the light surface rust and a slightly bent

bit here and there, this is in great shape. Nice and solid. I see these in antique malls all the time

with "NFS" tags on them. Doesn't that suck? I hate seeing those tags! I'll try to keep from ever

having anything in Booth 44 at the Green Shag Market with one of those lousy tags!


  1. I have been looking for the plant stand for ever!! awesomefind

    1. Hi Sudha. Back before I found my first one like this I was so smitten with this style plant stand and I used to see them all the time at the antique malls but they were being used and not for sale! It drove me nuts. Then I found one...and I could never find a use for it!

  2. I have also been looking for one of those plant stands... I actually have friends in other states looking for me too!! Will it be going in the Green Shag?

    1. Hi AlliT. I'll probably put it on my c-list ads as soon as it's looking presentable. If somebody needs me to drop it off at the Green Shag Market for pickup (where you can pay with cash, check or charge!), I'll be happy to do that.

  3. I just got a plant stand like that last weekend, and one of the main reasons I purchased it was b/c someone else had already primed and painted it! I am not sure I'll put plants in it, but I was inspired by someone on Pinterest to put some of my cheery planters on it. I've got the top one filled with seashells, and it definitely cheers up the patio!

    1. Hi Mod Betty. I though about putting some stereo components in the middle and the speakers on the outside parts...neah. Doesn't really work for me. I wish I had a good use for it.

      I don't think we'll be getting close enough to your stomping grounds to stop by but if plans change I'll be certain to get ahold of ya! Maybe get together for a bite to eat and / or some refreshing cocktails!

    2. Hi, Betty,

      I did the same thing! I got one for $2 at an auction, painted it satin black, and then realized I had no where in my living room that was light enough, for plants---the one picture window already was dominated by a credenza--so I just put EMPTY drip glaze ceramic pots on each level, and it looks gorgeous.

  4. I've seen several of those types of plant stands at sales lately. I know plenty of other people like them and they probably sell well, but for whatever reason I can't stand them so I always pass them by.

    1. Hi Vintage H. Dang...I wish I was able to pass on many of them at sales around here! I hear ya though, and it's a really good policy to keep. I generally won't buy anything that I wouldn't be happy to keep myself. And even though I haven't been able to find a good use for it...I wouldn't kick myself if I wasn't able to unload it! Maybe put in in the bathroom with rolled up towels in and on it!