Thursday, June 14, 2012

On My Way To Work, Before Stopping At The Green Shag Booth Space, I Made A Couple Of Stops At The Local Thrifts. Status: Kroehler Bedroom Set.


Seems like just about every ever time I stop in at the Florissant Salvation Army thrift store (now on Lindbergh - not in Grandview Plaza!) I find some sort of nice bedroom or dining room set! This time it's a great Kroehler 3 piece bedroom set.


It's a good looking set with many of the age appropriate bumps and scrapes you'd expect to find

on donated furniture.  Nothing that a little TLC wouldn't help with.  Check out the "batman" mirror!

That's kinda wild.  I really like the drawer pulls and beauty rings.  I'm less excited by the shape

of the legs, but hey...I'm not buying it!


A couple other issues....there is a busted off (and presumably missing) drawer pull, and that price.

If the price was a little bit better I would say snatch this set up and put some new pulls on it from

Target.  But even at Target a full set of pulls would get pricey...and this is already a little pricey -

for just a dresser and chest.  I know it says 3 pc. set...but does the mirror really count?  If I were

buying this for my own personal use, that price might not seem too bad.  And I really think this set

would clean up nice.  If you like it you better get over there quick...the last dining set I featured

here ended up on eBay a few days later!


After prowling through the thrifts up by me I stopped in at the Green Shag Market to add some

items to my booth and fill it out a little.  It looked a little thin last time I left it last weekend even

though it was actually pretty full so I brought in a few more items as well as some hardware to

hang some art.  I had more stuff to drop off but ran out of time before I had to get to "real" work

though.  Note the new pegboard "rack shelfs" that I found at the Salvation Army thrift store for

$3.  I still have more stuff to tag and leave!  Still, it's starting to look less forlorn, right?


  1. I think your booth looks great!

    1. Hi Hannah. Thanks, I added more smalls today and the space is looking more legit. But does it say, "open dat phat wallet and buy dis stuff!"?

  2. it's filling up with some great stuff. How are your sales? Will you be at the Swank-A-Rama this weekend?

    1. Hi Maureen. So far just one sale: the vintage 501 Levi's I featured on the blog a few days ago. I might stop by the big Swank-O-Rama Rocket Century sale but won't be setting up to sell. Our roadtrip vacation starts Saturday and I don't wanna spend too much of it here at home!

  3. The space looks great. I love that long picture on the wall and the orange shade on the lamp is fabulous! I wish I lived closer to the Lou - I would be spending some money at the Green Shag Market!

    1. Hi Hunting Tigress. THAT'S what I wanna hear!