Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Week Was Such A Whirlwind Of Gettings Ready For The Parking Lot Sale That I Forgot All About This Stash Of Wentzville Flea Market Loot! Status: Tiki Haul!


Not last Sunday, but the Sunday before that Nick (Armadillo), the Girlfriend and I met up with Mom-tomic and Aunty-tomic at the Wentzville Flea Market. I would have liked to get there a little earlier but we had gone to the Skyview Drive In the night before and stayed for both flicks. AND I still had to get a post done here! So getting up early was hard. Still, we got there at about 8am!


Even so...EVEN SO! I still managed to get there AFTER this giant Witco "Outrigger" art piece

was already sold! That's Two for Two at the Wentzville Flea though, even if I didn't score this

one. It's unbelievable how many Witco pieces I'm seeing around town these days! I'm really

getting into the Witco now. I didn't know what the "extra" wood piece laying next to the framed

bit was until I looked this particular piece up on the web. Oh, "Outrigger"...now I get it!


But....I did manage to wrangle up lots of Coco Joe's Tiki stuff!  Three, possibly Four pieces!  All

from different vendors?  Weird!  The sad thing is that most of this cool stuff was pointed out to me

by either Nick or the Girlfriend.  I'm losing my keen edge!  Neah, I'm just not a morning person.


My second ashtray!  Dustin, a local buddy of mine (who I haven't seen in too long a while!),

gifted me my first which is actually a Pipe stand ashtray.  This one doesn't seem to have a cigarette

rest.  Maybe they were thinking ahead and realized that smoking wouldn't be so prevalent in the

future and that maybe these would someday make great change trays!


I'm gonna have to make myself a little data base of which Coco Joe's I already have so I don't

end up with all duplicates!  Looks like there were hundreds of designs made.  I love that people

left the labels on the backs and bottoms so that they'd know which Tiki god they had!


I really do need to take a moment and get all these guys together and get a shot of the whole

collection.  Not that it would mean much, I'd probably have two or three more before I could

get the pics uploaded!  I probably could have found one or two at the Green Shag lot sale over

the weekend if I'd have let myself shop around.


Then there is this goofy looking guy who doesn't have either a label or a stamp on the bottom. 

Still, it really looks like a Coco Joe's, doesn't it?  I messed with the lighter mechanism a little but

it doesn't currently work right.  That just won't do.  I'll have it all taken apart and fixed soon!


On top of all the great Tiki items to be had at the flea mkt. there were a few bits of earthenware

as well.  This dish reminds me of Eva Zeisel designs for some reason.  It's so not but it's picked

up some influence from her designs somewhere along the way!  I picked up this and the ashtray

below specifically for the the lot sale but forgot to bring them!  They'll end up in Booth 44 inside

the Green Shag Market soon.  I've still got to get some shelves up and do some proper arranging

soon.  But it's open for business!


Boy, that "dreamsicle" orange really got washed out by the color of that Brazilia end table!  It

really is a pretty ashtray though, I assure you!  I picked this up from the same seller as the blue

dish above and the Coco Joe's ashtray.  It's amazing what you can find if you are willing to dig

through a mountain of random unremarkable kitchenware!


Yeah, look...I found another piece of Royal Haeger in Gold Tweed!  Nice right!?  Can't have

too much of a good thing.  This is quite delicate and I was surprised to find it uncracked or

chipped. I've got quite a collection of this finish built up too, if I do say so myself!



  1. So that's where the extra wood piece on that Witco came from! Didn't see the ash tray you picked up. There was Coco Joes up the wazoo.

    1. Hi Nick. Yeah, apparently it mounts to the outside of the boat hull...maybe with little dowels. I dunno for sure. I did find some pics on line with it affixed. That was such a let down, that it was ALREADY (!!!) sold. I nabbed the ashtray at the same booth as the pottery.

  2. Looks like a great haul. Still having no luck with Witco pieces in these parts :(

    1. Hi A Mod. Apparently it's ALL up here in the Midwest!

  3. Looks like you're all set for the Luau on the Lake! I told my pals at the Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en to be on the lookout for you - and if you're driving through PA on your way to or from, give us a shout!

    1. Hi Mod Betty. I may have spoke too soon. Now I'm not sure if those dates coincide with our vaca time. I gotta check this out. Cross your fingers! I did already check out that hotel though, it's a little pricey but if we don't stay there we'll still be there for some of the fun! At least for some drinks!

  4. Looove your blog! (and viewing your latest craigslist offerings). Makes me wish I lived there instead of Nashville). I'd be broke if I did though. lol!
    Congrats on the Green Shag weekend!

    1. Hi Middle C. Hey, now I've heard great things about Nash-vegas! I did pretty good at the sale. I sold just enough to make all the work worth my while! It would have been nice to sell more large items but that was just wishful thinkin' I guess!

    2. Well,I doubt any of us are in this to get rich. Most of us mainly sell just enough of this stuff to keep from showing up on the latest episode of "Hoarders Mid-Century Edition" or at least that would be my guess.LOL!
      Oh,don't get me wrong. Nashville's awesome! Some great places you would have to check out too if your ever in the area. One that's a must stop is "Pre To Post Modern" on 8TH AVE. South just out of downtown! They are like a time capsule for all things mid-century. Furniture,clothing,and yes dinnerware and glassware too :)
      Another must stop (if you watch History Channel's American Pickers) is their Antique Archaeology Shop in downtown Nashville.
      All in all a great place to be. Nashville is. Now if we can just get our old theme park back. Sorry,if you've ever known anyone who grew up in Nashville pre-1998 then you will know that they can't talk about my city for long without that coming up eventually. :)