Monday, June 11, 2012

Considering A Broyhill Brasilia Dining Set But Wishing It Was A Bit More Conservative? We Got You Covered! Nick And I Team Up Again! Status: Available!


Nick called this morning with another opportunity to snatch up some Broyhill to flip for some "easy" dough.  He had mentioned the set earlier but it was at double the price and I just offered to give him some help moving it if he needed it.  He thought better of the purchase...until the price halved!  Then a lightbulb appeared above his head.

That's when he called me to see if he could strike a deal.  He didn't have room for all of the set

at his joint (neither did I) and thought I could store part of this Broyhill Emphasis Dining Room

Suite at my pad.  We wen't halvsies on it and are gonna split the take when we sell it.  In the

mean time...I'm fostering this bad boy and Nick has the rest.  I got some shots of the rest before

we loaded it all up and I'll show it off tomorrow...if nothing else comes up!


So I say "easy" dough ' ain't.  Already we spent about an hour and a half just loading

the set into Nick's van and strapping the china top to Frank's roof and squeezing the china bottom

into his cargo hold...on a very warm, sunny Sunday afternoon.  There was plenty of sweat equity

involved on this "pick"!  Then, I still had to get it unloaded and photographed!  Work work work

....I loves it!



But anyway, ain't this a lovely china cabinet?! Much more subtle than that crazy Brazilia, right? I love

the crazy Brazilia but it ain't for everybody. This set has all the quality of the mid '60s Broyhill line

but won't frighten your In Laws. They might just give you a compliment (Gasp!) on your good taste

in vintage modern furniture!


There are a few dings here and there but nothing that isn't sorta normal with furniture of this

vintage. These pieces get moved around a lot in and out of small homes with tight corners. It

takes a LOT of care not to bump something. We were lucky in that the entire set was already

out in a garage when we showed up this afternoon. But somebody had to get it out there...and

I think that is when a couple of these minor dings happened. I haven't had a chance to much

more than clean the dust off but a lot of this will soon be cleaned up. I just wanted to show ya

what we will be making available soon.



  1. We need something like a Bat signal for situations like this. Team Modillo, ASSEMBLE!

    1. Hi Nick. Just keep calling back until I wake up and answer! If it's something as important as this...I'll be glad you did!

  2. HA, great minds think alike cuz Broyhill Emphasis is on my blog today, too -- for the first time, even! :)

    1. Hi Pam. Neat! It took me a little time to suss out where the Broyhill Emphasis is on your blog but I figured it out! Is it nice to have a little extra help with the blog via Kate?

  3. Seems like all the 60's Broyhill sets have really nice lines and are well constructed. It's a shame the same can't be said of their new furniture! I doubt you'll have much trouble finding this a happy new home!

    1. Hi A Mod. We're hoping there is an eager new owner out there just waiting to snatch this up from us! It really is good mid level, well constructed, affordable furniture for the every-person.

  4. Gorgeous. I'm a Brasilia fan, as you know, but I love Sculptra too. I don't see this design too often but it's very pretty. Yep, this is like the conservative cousin design. Well done boys!!

    1. Hi Rhan. We try! I wish there was a database of all the different Broyhill lines from that era. I dropped of a dresser for a neighbor on Sunday after picking up this set and she had yet another small china cabinet by Broyhill that was obviously a contemporary of this line but I don't know what it is! I'm about 50% sure it was from the Broyhill Forward 70 line but I've seen so little of that line that I just can't be totally sure! I might have to ask her if I can shoot some pics of it!

  5. Pam's referring to the PRISTINE set I bought in Omaha a little while gracing the master bedroom. I LOVE it! It reminds me of the "grown up" bedrooms of my friend's mothers (mine was more eclectic in her tastes), that I'd peek in while over playing Barbies...elegant, refined, fragrant with the scents of Chanel #5 or Tabu. :-)

    I'm looking for another end table and the high gentlemen's chest...but Iowa isn't St. Louis, so it may take quite a while. Nice find, Mr. Mod and Nick!

    1. Hi Becky. I finally found it on the RetroRenovation blog! End table or Nightstand? Actually what you have might be a "commode"! I know...ick. But those little cabinets on the side of the bed are where people used to keep those chamber pots (you often see in antique malls) when not in use! Be patient...your Prize pieces will find you.

  6. Hah! Well, the end table/nightstand/commode does, indeed, have a door for discretely hiding something, so you may be right. I'll just keep scanning CL and be patient. :-)