Friday, June 1, 2012

So What Kinda Stuff You Think Mr. Modtomic Will Have At The Big Green Shag Parking Lot Sale This Saturday? Status: Gonna Be An Interesting Weekend!


Last weekend I took Friday off giving me a four day Scour The Thrifts! My efforts yielded plenty of smalls for the sale this weekend as well as the mall space (Mr. Modtomic's Area 44? I-"44" roadside treasures?) that I will be trying to start the same weekend! Yikes!


Yeah, I went crazy pickin' little stuff that I can box up and spread out for all the Modtomitrists to

snatch up at the Parking Lot Sale (5733 Manchester Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110) Tomorrow!

Check out these little retro plastic candle sconces.  Not a lick of candle wax on 'em.  Don't think

they've ever been used!  These could be yours!  They look pretty rad as is OR they could be

painted a hot color


Doing a bathroom / kitchen retro-remodel?  You Need This!  Not only is it all retro frosted /

patterned glass and chrome...but it even has a three prong outlet!  Oh I's not GFCI.

"Retro"-fit it!  Or just leave it un-powered,'s just too cute and in Excellent



Cuppa' Joe? You need a hearty set of McCoy mugs to wrap your mitts around! That '70s drip

edge look is so the thing right now. I heard it makes your coffee taste Soooo good!  Well...maybe

that's stretching the truth a little, but You'll LOOK Soooo good drinking from them!  Word.


No Bull...this Bovine is sporting Elvis hair!  Oh, it's got chipped horns and feet but not only is it

hardly noticeable, the chipped horns add a certain authenticity and rugged toughness to what

is otherwise, well...a glass cow.  With Elvis hair!


Not sure if I'll be bringing any of my dishware or bakeware but if somebody actually requests that I

do so, I guess that I have enough of these Salem Biscayne patterned pieces that I could stand to

give up a couple pieces.  As a matter of fact, if you are coming to the sale, don't hesitate to make

some requests!  I'll see what I can do to help ya out!


Yeah, Saturday we gonna party like it's Nineteen - Sixty - Five!  Even though I've already got a

Blue Heaven 1965 commemorative calendar plate, I could never leave another one behind at a

thrift store!  This one's available buuuuttttt not so the bakeware.  The Blue Heaven bakeware is

tough to find!  But if ya need a commemorative plate...I got ya covered!  Just be sure to get to

the sale early!  Remember, the sale OPENS at 9am!  The Green Shag Market opens at 10am.

Oh, and if you need to pay with a check-card or credit-card, I can take them via the Green

Shag Market...but you'll have to pay sales tax.


Hope to see ya'll there!  It's gonna be lot's of fun.  The weather is looking like it's gonna be

PERFECT with a forecast of 78 and Partly Cloudy!  The Mom-tomic is setting up a booth too,

as is Illuminate who I think is bringing a big Danish Lounge style sectional, and the Girlfriend is

promising to bring a couple trays of vintage costume jewelry!  There's sure to be an eclectic mix

of stuff there.  It's gonna be Epic!!!


  1. I've been down in the basement and I have stuff to clear out! The danish sectional is going to be there along with chairs, lamps, some dishware odds n ends, an extra starburst clock I decided I don't need. I'm excited! I need to start dusting tonight..

    1. Hi Illuminate. Yea! Bring it on! The more the merrier!

  2. It's Killing me hearing about this when I have a 12-hour workday tomorrow and am going to miss all the awesome! Not that I can afford any of the awesome at the moment, but still... I at least want to witness the awesome. Oh well - I'd wish you good luck, but you so don't need it; you're going to do great.

    1. Hi Kim. ::cough:: ::cough:: maybe you're not feelin' so well tomorrow!

  3. I so wish I could go! Not sure I could justify the 3 hour drive, though. Please post pictures, and I'll shop from afar! :)

    1. Hi Heather. Oh c'mon! 3 hours? I could drive that in my sleep....wait...well, I could sleep for three hours while the Girlfriend drove! I'm working on your chair request BTW!

  4. I am a Pyrex collector, but make exceptions for the Blue Heaven pattern. My granny gave me 6 little Blue Heaven bowls and I found the square baking dish in mint condition for under a buck at a yard sale. Would love to add a loaf pan!
    Hope you have a great sale!

  5. Here's hopeing you have a great weekend end and debut at your new space. If I was a lot closer, I would definetely be there!