Sunday, June 24, 2012

Also Snatched Up Just Before Departure: This Rad Bentwood Rocking Chair! It's Not Super Old But It's Got Such Nice Lines That I Had To Have It. Status: Elegant, Subtle And Sold! (via Green Shag Market).


I gave this rocker a once over before photographing it but couldn't find a manufacturer or a stamp.  I was thinking it might be "Slavic-Modern" but I can't be sure.  I couldn't find another on the net with a quick search either.  It's got Allen Wrench screws and Velcro so it's not any older than the '80s but it's certainly got Style!  And really, that's pretty important 'round here!

Yeah, leaving on time would have denied me both the Plycraft Eames style Lounger AND this

lovely Bentwood Rocking Chair!  How serendipitously lucky am I?  Oh, and the reproduction

shell chairs that I currently have available at Booth 44 in the Green Shag Market too!  Those

wouldn't be available had we gotten our butts in gear and left Saturday morning like we "should"

have!  I kinda wish I had brought this rocker with us...since I managed to buy ANOTHER

rocker HERE!  That's right...even in the middle of nowhere (sorta) Mr. Modtomic is gonna find

good stuff on craigslist and snatch it up!  I'm even considering picking up a pair of Erik Buck

dining chairs that I spotted.  Somebody Stop Me!


Just kidding...please don't stop me. I love this stuff! Having a pair of rockers would have been

great last night since we dropped in on the local Glen Drive In theater to catch a couple of movies.

Since we didn't plan ahead we had to sit IN the car. ::sigh:: Oh well. We've been poking around

some amazing antique malls all along our roadtrip too and I've been - mostly - very good about

not cleaning them out. I've just been shopping with the camera instead! I've got lots to share with

you eventually, including pics of the Glen Drive In. Stay tuned!


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    1. Hi Rhan. It is pretty sweet. I've placed it in my booth (44) at the Green Shag Market. Hopefully it'll find an appreciative new home soon!