Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Our Way East Toward New York State We Made A Pit Stop In Columbus Oh. You Know I Can't Stop And Not Shop! Revue - Columbus OH. Status: Oh Yeah...They Got GOOD Stuff!


Nice pair, dontcha think?!  We were barely into the first aisle in Revue - a Columbus OH antique mall and consignment shop - when we ran into this pair of Knoll Barcelona chairs.  Oh how I loves me some Barcelona chairs!  That got the camera out and it was well worth my time to do so.  There was plenty there to photograph.  If you live in or near Columbus OH you have a little of my envy!  From the little we traveled through, we found it quite nice!

I can't speak to the prices here at Revue, but they definitely have the good stuff!  Once I get the

camera out I pretty much quit "shopping".  The Girlfriend LOVES this...even though it then takes

me forever to get through a shop or antique mall.  At least I'm not filling the car.


And I know you all love to take a virtual tour of some of these places that might be a little too

far for you to visit yourself.   Heck, I might even be introducing you to a place near you that

you've just never been too!  This place was well stocked with vintage modern enough to have

THREE Eames lounge chair knock offs!  Four, if you count the Homecrest wire frame lounge

and ottoman.


I really had no idea what Columbus OH was all about.  We had stopped for the night just out

of town and when we got going again I Googled "antique mall Columbus OH" and this was one

of the places close by.  I couldn't resist.  We drove up High Street and were duly impressed

by what seemed to us to be a thriving downtown.  St. Louis is a great place to live but it's

downtown is more Ghost-town unless there is a baseball game happening.


Looks like I could do some serious pickin' here in Columbus!  Remember, this is just ONE

shop!  It's not even a Vintage Modern-centric shop either.  There was plenty of fine antiques

here...but I know what you wanna see!  I'm gonna have to take a peek at the Columbus OH

craigslist once in a while and see what I'm missing.  I bet they get good estate sales too.


Check out those Salterini chairs!  THOSE were pretty pricey.  Those were one of the few things

I checked the price on.  I WOULD have found a way to take those home with me...but I couldn't

afford them.  ::pout::  The Girlfriend ALMOST pulled the trigger on the three rocket wing candle

holders, but we were just getting started on the roadtrip and it's hard to load yourself up right

away when you have no idea what's over the horizon.


Did ya see that little bitty danish / Pearsall style rocking chair up there?  How freakin' cool is

that?  Oh, if only it was full size!  Too much cool stuff.  It's like vintage modern Overload!  And

lately I've got a thing for Bull statues.  I's not a bull.  Water Buffalo?  I dunno, but I

like it!


We spent way too much time poking around Columbus for it to not actually be on our list or

itinerary!  I probably spent more than an hour in here alone.  It's a big place.  Even though I

took lots of pictures I'm sure I missed lots of good stuff.  There's no way I could shoot all the

smalls that I would have loved to load up and take home with me.  Don't get me wrong, I've

loaded Frank (the Focus Wagon) up for our return trip to the StL!  I'll, of course, be sharing

that booty with you soon enough.


Two different sellers had vintage Brown Jordan patio furniture available.  This style is really

growning on me.  I'm a little concerned about the strapping and it's durability.  I've never bought

any of it but I've seen a number of sets on the St. Louis craigslist.  I might have to start picking

it up.  I wouldn't mind having a few pieces to sprinkle around the patio at home.


If you live in or near the Columbus OH area and are in need of some very nice Vintage Modern,

Revue on High street might be a good place for you to check out. I was impressed by the on hand

stock as well as the diversity of what was to be had. Obviously there are cheaper ways to go but if

you don't have the time to hunt and gather or the time to wait for a particular piece to fall into your

lap, it's sometimes worth what you gotta pay a place like this (or more specifically, it's vendors) to

do the work for ya!


  1. You visited my city! Glad to see you found one of the cooler areas to visit. Lots of great shops and food. Grandview Marchantile or Revue, is one of the priciest places to shop for Mid Century items. They probably do have the best selection but it's also in the trendiest location and the prices reflect that. Our downtown area also dies down after 5:00 so you must have driven through durring the day. Did you stop at any other locations? Maybe I'll have to wait and see in a future post.

  2. A propos of nothing in particular, when I read "Frank (the Focus Wagon)" above, my poor jingle-centric brain immediately and permanently linked it up with Puff (the Magic Dragon)...

  3. OOH! What wonderful pix you took!! So many goodies to drool over! It's so hard to see and want all that great stuff, when the 'ol pocketbook (ok, purse!) emits moths upon opening.... Thanks for all the eye candy anyway. Safe travels on your continuing trip!!

  4. Dude, I so totally should have given you my phone number; I could have showed you a couple more spots (and not killed your travel itineary).