Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Beautiful Blue Sky And The Wind In Our Face! Happy Summer To Ya. We Are In Lake George, New York And Having A Blast! Status: Few Hours Late...I'm On VACATION!


So what's a Modtomic vacation like? Full crazy adventure and excitement! Like today...what did we do but get dragged precariously behind a speed boat on beautiful Lake George 300 ft. in the air! And of course, we're gonna find some interesting places along the way. This time...a cute cottage court where the staying is VERY reasonable!

DSCN0665 DSCN0664

Cool, huh! We've done this out over the ocean in Florida and South Carolina, but over a

beautiful mountain spring fed lake, that's something new. Something about being surrounded

by all those mountains and trees. Very nice! Highly recommended.


Before risking life and limb we had to find a place to stay. We stopped at a lot of joints and

compared prices and accommodations trying to find a place that had the right combination

of cool kitsch, cheap price and a decent place to lay our weary heads after a day of

unforeseen adventure.


See those cool "Hoop" chairs on the front porch of those attached cabin rooms?  Right away,

upon trolling through the Village Of Lake George looking for a room, I noticed that they are

ubiquitous to this area.  They are at just about every motel that has a place for them!  I thought

they were new but our room has them too and I can attest now that they are indeed vintage! 

I love them!  Anyway, we didn't actually stay here at the Amber Lantern even though it was the

absolutely MOST reasonably priced place we could find.  We still had another half of the town

to check out and the place we did pick was less interesting visually but we liked where it was

located and by the time we found IT we were done looking.  I'll feature it later.


This joint was only a short distance from the "strip" at Lake George Village and along Lake

Shore Drive.  It's not on the lake side but there seemed to be plenty of places to access the lake

nearby as well as being near the "Million Dollar Beach" at Lake George Village.  We initially

passed this place by heading away from the strip after checking out some of the more pricey

places there but knew without a doubt that we'd have to stop in and check it out before

committing to a room.  Just look how cool!


The rooms are modest in size and modestly appointed but we were quoted a price of just $50 a

night. Some of the cheaper rooms down on the strip were in the $90 - $175 a night range. We

would have gladly stayed here too. The place we picked is very similar in price, size and interior

style. We are not afraid of a little age on our temporary digs! Sure, the Amber Lantern might not

be for everybody...but if you are a little adventurous and cheap like should check it

out for sure!  Keep in mind that they will likely have different prices for different seasons.  All

right, we're off to more adventure.  I can't it Whitewater Rafting today or a tour

of the Great Camp Sagamore?  I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Mr Mod~Need your expertise...Florence Knoll credenza is all sanded down and ready for stain. Having trouble finding a good stain match. Any particular brand/color you find that you gravitate towards for your mid c re-do's?
    TIA! Rachael

    1. Hi Rachael. Sorry, I took a little break from replying here during Vacation.
      Trying to catch up. I try to keep things as close to original as possible. But if I was gonna pick a color from scratch...rosewood.

  2. Rachel,

    I've found that a lot of vintage walnut tone stains have a hint of red. For my Brasillia pieces I mix MinWax Dark Walnut with MinWax Sedona Red. The mixture differs based on the amount of red tint you desire. I also like to finish off with three coats of MinWax satin Polyurethane from a spray can.


  3. I am totally checking that place out next trip up there. LOOOOOOOOOOVE it's quirkiness! Have a safe,fun trip!

    1. Ho mchncl. Thanks, we did have a grand time in Lake George. If you have the time, you can make a day out of just checking out vintage motels until the right one speaks to you. There are so many and at so many different prices. It was hard to choose just one!

  4. Thanks for checking out the Amber Lantern for us - I'll let Retro Roadmap Readers know about it. We saw lots of cool places to stay last time we were in Lake George but we already had our room booked at the Tiki.

    I'm sure you've got lots of cool stuff already planned for your LG VACA, but if you're looking for retro kitsch ideas - check out my posts on Retro Roadmap about our visit! We love Lake Geo.

    1. Hi Mod Betty. We tried to get in on the fun at the Luau happening at the Tiki but they made it seem like if you hadn't signed up for it way in advance then you were SOL. The Tiki hotel was super cool but I never did get around to photographing it!

  5. Sounds like a fun time, enjoy!