Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before I Left The StL For Lake George NY (Our Annual Roadtrip Vacation) I Dropped A Few More Items Off At Booth 44 - Green Shag Market. Status: Stuffed!


I finally got that Shaggy Latch Hook wall art up and I found some great kitschy Paint By Numbers Jesus and Mary with Baby Jesus art to fill up those big white pegboard empty spots. Oh, right...the chairs. Just picked those up too! Pulled the chrome and (dirty) light blue Baughman style chairs and replaced them. I'm telling ya...I'm gonna keep it fresh up in here!


Here's a lil taste of all the new hotness that got dropped before we skipped town. Honest

opinion...what do you think about the gloss white deer antlers? Hot or Not? I've got two more

sets that I can paint up. I saw a set like this on AT or in a picture from Restoration Hardware

or something and thought it genius. I'm not asking if you like dead animal parts on your wall.

I'm not trying to start a PETA war. Just, you know...if you don't hate this with all your fiber, you

think this is cool?


Check out how hard Jesus and Mary are eyeballin' that Eames shell chair reproduction. You

better get in there and snatch the set up before they burst into flames. You know all about that

worshipin' false idols and stuff. Those white Eiffel base dining chairs might just fall under that

umbrella. Grab up the matching (genuine) Eames dining table while you're in there! Matter of

fact...clean me out! I got lots more stuff I'd love to replace it all with! And I'm sure I'll be

bringing EVEN MORE home with me from upstate New York (which is BTW thus far AMAZING!)!


  1. Your booth is lookin' good, lots of good stuff. I have to admit, I've seen the antlers all over the internet of late, very big right now. I just don't get it. So while antlers, white or otherwise, are not my thing, I'd leave them, someone is bound to think they are cool, and take them home.

    1. Hi Maureen. No takers yet. I haven't been to the booth in a few days but I'm pretty sure they are still available.

  2. Your stall is looking good! Your post made me laugh. Everyone has different tastes; if the stuff doesn't move; switch it out. Enjoy your trip upstate NY - beautiful! Be sure to swing through PA. Hope to make it to SL some day.

  3. Hi Jay. Thanks. We did poke a toe into PA but spent most of our time in NY. Upstate NY was a blast, but I had a lot of fun just tooling around on the backroads both around Lake George and on our way home.