Saturday, June 2, 2012

OK...No Super Great Post Today. Spent The ENTIRE Day Cleaning, Packing, Transporting And Packing Again, The Cars. Status: Super Tired And Ready To Sell!


I took Friday off to get some stuff down to my booth space in preparation for the Parking Lot Sale TODAY (!!!) at the Green Shag Market. Oh, I'm not slacking...I'm gonna make up the missed work day on Sunday...suck.

You'll notice that it dark out. It's actually 12:30am. I JUST got done filling the cars. This is gonna

be a SHORT post! I gotta get some sleep. I'm getting up in like 5 hours. Ugh.


We're not even getting to the sale as early as we could to set up. I'm just not a morning person. I

was gonna get an early start this morning but I started getting texts and e-mails on my phone at

just the wrong time and I ended up falling back to sleep for a couple extra hours. Oh well, I'll

probably be glad for it at the sale.


Yup, two full cars...AND I've already taken a FULL load down earlier! AND Illuminate is

bringing a load. So we should have plenty! Come on down and clean us out! I'll try to post some

updates as to how things are going during the sale.


  1. Good luck! I hope you make a ton of money and have a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Dana. Well, we've been here and set up since 9am. We've been having lots of fun and meeting lots of great folks! Not much is moving, especially large items...but still, I've managed to gross about $200 so far. We still have another hour and a half to go!

  2. Hi! Hope things are still going well at the sale! I wanted to come today but soccer tryouts got in the way. I'm interested in your Martinsville china cabinet if you haven't sold it yet! I'll check back at the blog and see what's happening in a bit. Good luck!

    1. Hi Anony. We did pretty good! I'm happy! I've been getting a lot of interest in that china cab. Keep in mind, he who hesitates...And all that stuff!

    2. I emailed you from the Craig's post the other day! I figured you were busy with the sale. I'll shoot you another email with my number so we can talk. Thanks, Stacey

  3. Hey Modtomic, it was great to finally meet ya, if only for a sec. My fiance, who met you first, as I joined him later, said he saw people coming up to you like a celebrity!! :D

    I finally got a decent lamp shade, plus three more lamps. I'm out of my mind!!

    Did you pick up any of them pretty dishes at the other booth I saw you and your lady (I assume) ogling?


    1. Hi Jennifer. It was a lot of fun meeting everybody! I feel bad though sometimes cuz I don't always remember people who I've met before! Dave (from Dave's Mid Century Stuff) dropped by and I totally didn't recognize him....and we spend a WHOLE DAY hanging out a couple months ago! I just meet SO MANY people these days that I can't remember everyone. And I feel bad a little about that. I hope everybody understands. Not sure who you are thinking was the Girlfriend. She was there with me but not while I was checking out the other booths. I did pick up a few pieces of Canonsburg Temporama and some Paul McCobb dishes. How could I resist?!

    2. Don't worry, you only met me for a sec! I was wearing the green Pixies shirt with the long red hair and black and white sunglasses. You mentioned to my fiance Sean and I that you should have made up a large banner that said "Mr. Modtomic!" The lady I saw you with at another booth was wearing a tanktop or two with dark hair, tan, and maybe had tattoos (for some reason I am remembering tattoos on her shoulder).

      I knew you would get those dishes, that is soooooo you, I think I even mentioned it to Sean when I saw them.