Friday, June 8, 2012

OK, This Is Kinda Embarrassing But This Is What "Green Shag 44" Looks Like As Of Thursday Afternoon. Status: I'm Not Done! Promise!


So this is how my Green Shag Market booth space starts. It doesn't look like much but we can only go UP from here! Most of this was left behind after the Parking Lot Sale simply because A: It was there, and B: It was tagged. ::shrugg:: It really was a long day.


Why am I showing you this train wreck of an antique mall booth space? So I can share with you

the flowering of "44"! (Did I just say "flowering"?) It's gonna get better. It's gotta get better. At

least it's not absolute chaos! I've got some brackets and hardware to create some much needed

shelves along the upper two feet of the back wall and one of the side walls.


I want to leave at least one of the side walls completely open so that I can put in tall items like

china cabinets and...other tall things. I also need to get some Art up on those big blank walls!  I'm

gonna hit the hardware store soon to get some hooks for that pegboard soon.  8' by 6' isn't as big

as you think!  At least I've got a decent selection of smalls in there at the moment.  I went in today

to bring those Smoke Glass and Wood Side Tables and a few other items and brought along the

camera to document my first little baby steps into the Antique Mall world. 


While there I was informed that somebody from An Orange Moon had dropped by and said "Hi!".

They even left me a slick shiny business card.  An Orange Moon is a vintage modern furnishings

shop in Chicago that, while I've never actually had an opportunity to visit, I'm certain is a great

shop.  While looking for an ID on this or that I've run across pictures from their shop quite often.

Often enough that I've even included them on my blog list on the right hand side bar!  Next time

I'm in Chicago I'll be sure to stop in and get the low down on the shop and perhaps say "Howdy"

in person!


Also at the Green Shag Market...looks like there is a new resident in booth 28, and it looks like

the wares are gonna be tasty!  Like myself, this new vendor has only had a few days to build their

space, so you know...that it's a bit sparse at the moment is forgivable, at least by me!  I'm really

digging that ball lamp!  Nice.  I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of 28 too!


Other interesting stuff you might like! If you drop by the Green Shag Market make sure you

mention you heard about them here! They love to talk trash about Mr. Modtomic there. Ask

Karen about the time I called her at 10pm "to pick up some dishes". She'll know the story and

I'm sure you'll get a big laugh out of it! It was one of those "too many plates spinning on sticks

above my head" days.


Oh, and on another note: We are going to the Skyview Drive In this weekend to see Prometheus

and MIB3 (again)! Come join us. Just look for Frank the silver Ford Focus Wagon and Lime

Green Cooler and when you find us say "Hi!".


  1. Mr Mod,
    I'm completely sure your booth will be fabulous if what I saw is just thrown together.... and I must say it looks like it would be so much fun to be friends with you guys! Have a wonderful time at the drive-in! Sell lots of stuff! 8-)

    1. Hi Crystal. Wish you could have joined us at the Drive In! It was super fun as usual. This time we jumped screens after the first movie was done. We felt like we were kids getting away with somethin'! Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Before we opened our store, I looked into renting some space at an upscale interior design house. It was waaay to expensive for the amount I could have properly displayed. Now the 1600 sf we have is feeling too small and we are looking at a larger location. More space = more stuff!

    1. Hi A Mod. The space at the Green Shag Market will also help me sell stuff via craigslist. If someone doesn't want to drive to Florissant or can't easily meet my (messed up 2nd shift) schedule I can drop the item they want off at the Green Shag Market and they can pick it up there AND they won't have to pay in cash! Proxy = Good!

  3. We saw your booth with our own eyes!! SWEET! Hey Mr. Mod!!!!! Sorry we missed you. Stopped through doing the Route 66 thing for our 9 year wedding anniversary & 3 year shop anniversary, and that great auction where we scored bigtime!!! Left card at front desk. LOVE your town. Soooooo pretty--and the architecture is to die! LOVE the bridge by the harbour--boats docking, people just taking it easy, the Grove, Sweetie Pies, the Four Seasons... life is good.

    1. Hi O Moon. Wish I could have met with you! Some day I'm gonna get back up to Chi-town and drop by. Doing the Route 66 tour? That sounds great! We sorta did that a little bit on our trip to Cali. a few years ago but didn't try to stick to it too hard. Are ya gonna try to hit the Wigwam Motel out west? We stayed at the one in Kentucky. It was so fun and kitschy! I'm glad you had a chance to check out the cooler side of the StL. Was there a line at Sweety Pies?

  4. glad to see your booth...lovely!! all the best!

    PS: need to catch up on ur prev posts!

    1. Hi Sudha. Good to hear from you again! Take your time with the old posts...they ain't going nowhere!