Monday, June 4, 2012

So Ya Wanna Check Out The Rest Of The Vendors? I Didn't Have The Wear-With-All To Get Detailed Pics But I Did Get Everybody! Status: Might Become A Monthly Thing?


Oh would you look at these two!  That's the folks from Rocket Century.  Lazy bums! was just That Laid Back at the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale!  Something tells me they won't be lounging around June 16 when THEY will be hosting a multi-dealer "Swank-A-Rama" Swap Meet / All Vintage 20th Century Modern Sales Event on their lot on the near south side!


Yes, it was a beautiful and laid back day...for most of us, but there was a little excitement out

front. I heard it happen but was to far away to have actually seen the accident. It looked to me

like the white car was turning onto the lot from the far lane and just didn't see the oncoming silver

car. It was pretty bad. One fella looked a little worse for wear and I hope everybody was OK.


On a brighter note, The Green Shag Market made sure we had sustenance nearby! I never did

get a chance to get me a 'dog, but it was nice to know they were in da house.


There wasn't a ton of vintage modern at the sale, but that's just how it kinda goes here in the

Midwest. I made the decision early on not to start cannibalizing other vendors. The Mom-tomic

sells at other antique malls and has told me stories about how all the vendors buy and sell to each

other so much that it seems like nothing escapes the loop! I'm not real good a being taught a lesson

but I'm pretty good at learning a lesson from others.


Oh, it was hard. I tried to go through the lot with blinders on and take these pics real quick

without really looking! But I did catch glimpses here and there. I'd see a cool painting or a neat

chair and feel the gravity pulling me in. No no no. I was there to sell sell sell! I did an admirable

job too.


I had to avoid Hannah's setup like the plague! I know how she is with the pricing and I really

didn't have the room to just load all her stuff into our cars along with our leftovers! Rocket

Century too! Gah...they were set up right across from us! I had to walk by their setup every

time I needed something from the car...and oh did they have some bargains. ::sigh::  They

eventually did get a few of my dollars for some dishes they were practically giving away!


Lots of folks put up awnings and umbrellas. It was pretty sunny all day but we had about a 4 ft.

sliver of shade next to the building we were set up next to. I had purchased an awning just for

this sale but upon opening it up I thought it would be more trouble than it would be worth.

Unfortunately, the Girlfriend decided she liked the sun and ended up with a pretty good sunburn.


Mmmmm...see those bentwood arm slipper chairs. How hard was it to gaze upon those two

lovelies all day? I think they were priced at $60 or something like that each. And they didn't get

snatched up until late in the day! Again, those were like "right there" across from



You might have read a little story on another retro blog (OK, THE retro blog!), RetroRenovation,

about a local St. Louisan  who cleaned up at a lighting shop
that was going out of business.  Well,

here she is set up at the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale!  She still had lots of great lighting available.

Look close, there's a nice sputnik hanging back there.  I think it was priced at $160 or something

like that.  Also note the pair of salmon upolstered Russel Wright dining chairs over by the umbrella!

She had all kinds of great stuff.


Here's the Mom-tomic's setup.  I'm only noticing just now how she really did setup strictly

within her one little space!  She was right next to me and we had plenty of room!  I was running

on like two hours sleep and feel bad now that I didn't notice.  She could have totally spread

out a lot more!


It was pretty tough loading in and loading out but it was worth all the trouble. There was a steady

stream of buyers and browsers all day to meet and say howdy to. The weather was perfect. Got

to hang out with friends, old and new, all day. I stayed out of the sun for the most part...still, I got

a little bit of a burn, but nothing worth hardly mentioning. It was a good day!  There were rumors

spreading around that the sale might happen again soon or even become a monthly thing...I'd be

up for that!  But don't forget about Rocket Century's upcoming sale.  Last time they had crazy

good deals!


  1. That looks like a great sale, you showed real willpower in not scooping up those other goodies. If I lived near you I'd have a full house and garage too!

    1. Hi Uncle A. It was a real test of will power! Well, that and the knowledge that I'd have to pack up anything extra I bought too!

  2. Boy am I mad I couldn't make it to this sale! Hopefully they will do it again so I can come! Sounds like a fun time!

    1. Hi Allie. There was talk around the sale that it might happen again soon. I was asked by a few other vendors if I'd do it again if it was offered. Well, Heck Yeah!

  3. I bought the tan lampshade with the clocks on it in the lower right corner from
    Mom-tomic!! :D She was very nice. And a lot of people I passed went on about how awesome that lampshade was, too. It's looking good right now.


    1. oooh, I saw you walking out with that lampshade, it was gorgeous

    2. Hi Jennifer. I was even eyeballin' that lampshade! Cool design. Hmmmm...I might need to get some burlap and a sharpy!

    3. Hi maureen. Wasn't it though?

  4. Oh my... so many awesome things here! I'm a little in love with the yellow formica table and chairs, and that little orange chair is cute! So sad I missed it.

  5. Man, I had to practically GIVE those chairs away too, just so I wouldn't have to drag 'em back home! Oh well, made the Mrs. happy to get rid of them. And it was nice to meet the man behind the blog. See ya around!

    1. Hi Case. You almost had to GIVE them to me! I'm sure we'll be crossing paths often. You settin' up at the Rocket Century sale coming up?

    2. I don't think we're going to set up this time, but we're planning on checking it out. That way I can concentrate on buying!

  6. Good to see you all again. I saw your mom hanging out in the Green Shag. Does she have a booth there too?

    Hannah had some great stuff as well and I kinda cleaned her whole booth out. Never can have too much lighting!

    1. Hi Nick. The Mom-tomic is on the waiting list for a boothspace in the Green Shag Market. It took a few months for me to get a space but who knows.

      I knew that Hannah would leave pretty much empty handed. We caught back up with her at the Tin Can on Morganford a little latter! Completely random, but cool!

  7. It was a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Modtomic! Sorry if I give you too much of a hard time on here. I think I forgot to tell you that I really do enjoy your blog a lot. Keep up the good work and hope to see you arond again soon!

    1. Hi Nick. It was my pleasure! I wish I had gotten a good nights sleep and had my faculties more about me. It was a long rough day. Getting to meet some cool folks made it a lot easier!

  8. I didn't get a chance to stop by and visit, I was running my booth on my own, not much time to walk around. I only did a little bit of looking, not really stepping into many booth areas, because I was there to sell, not buy. Is that your Mom's booth next to you? I did talk to her,one of the few booths I stopped at, very sweet, and I loved her stuff! I certainly hope Green Shag hosts another sale soon, I was very pleased with my sales for the day. ~ Maureen {I was in the first booth by the food vendor}

    1. Hey Maureen. I think that I bought your set of starburst drinking glasses.

    2. That was you??! Glad they went to a good home. :)

    3. Hi maureen. You didn't by chance grow up in Maplewood did you? I've only met one other person named Maureen and it was when I was a little bitty Modtomic living on Elm Street in Maplewood Mo. Anyway, You had the vintage cameras? Loved 'em. I really had to work hard not to scavenge through your space!

    4. Nope. I'm an Illinois girl. Yes I had the cameras, wish I had another box full. I did dig around my basement and found just a few more, hopefully for the next parking lot sale. Glad to hear you did well also.

    5. Yep. That was me. Thanks for the extra tissue paper Everything got home safe and sound.

  9. Thanks for posting more pics! I wish I lived closer. So many gems

  10. Hi Keyse. THAT would be quite a roadtrip for you! I don't think there were THAT many bargains.

  11. Thanks for covering the sale so well! It was a good time and the weather was awesome! We look forward to seeing some of the same people and others at our Swank-A-Rama Swap Meet Next Saturday, June 16. It should be a great time too and fun to meet up with other mid-century mod vendors and geeks like us!
    Wish you could be there!