Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Thrifty Finds That'll Perhaps Help Me Finish A Chair...Or Three! Status: Modification Needed.


You just got to love that the thrift stores often get New Old Stock from places like Target.  I don't often buy this swag as it generally doesn't interest me, but this...this was something I might have actually GONE to a Target, Garden Ridge or a Old Time Pottery to find new!


Cushions!  Technically they are patio chair seat cushions, I guess.  But they are a nice quality and

the right size for Danish Lounge Chair seat cushion.  None "match" but they all do kinda "go

together".  I had perused the entire Goodwill when I noticed a lady PILING the rest of these

cushions into her cart.  I took a look at what she was grabbing up and realized that if I wanted

any I better dig in!


I grabbed all that the lady couldn't fit into her cart (I think she took 8 or 9 home!) and carried

them to the checkout. Yeah, they are kinda light weight but it's still no easy feat to see around a

stack of cushions held in front of your face while dodging scurrying thrift shoppers. My plan has

always been to buy up some of these and then cut down some for the backrest since the

backrest cushion must be about 8 inches shorter than the seat cushion.


This is what they should look like...after I cut one down. Problem is...I've got myself stuck. Too

many option. I've got to pair these all up AND decide which gets to be cut down for a backrest

cushion. That's like...6 decisions! Can ya give a brother a hand? Which ones go best with which

ones?  Then which ones of those sets gets the guillotine treatment?  GAH!

DSCN0106These are the combos I came up with in the

ten minute I had to take all these pictures

before work the other day!  They kinda

work.  The "flower" patterned cushion

won't work as a seat cushion though, will

it?  Too bad that the pattern doesn't

continue down and around the front edge. 
It'll still look fine as a backrest cushion. 

See how high the backrest cushions tower

over the back of the chair.  That's how

much and why I'll be having to cut them

down.  I think this is a good patch for the

issue of Danish Lounge Chairs sans

DSCN0104cushions...which seems to happen fairly

often around these parts.  I just can't

justify spending a good chunk of dough on

cushions and or upholstery for a chair I paid

only a couple of bucks for at an estate sale!

Am I just fooling myself or would YOU buy

a chair like this?


  1. GOODWILL, I say GOODSCORE. My Danish chairs have original industrial strength brown vinyl, while weather resistant and tough they aren't attractive. This would be a great solution. I think Target comes to Canada this year so I'll keep my peepers open.

    1. Hi David. These kind of cushion are available at all the home and garden stores. Just take the measurements and a tape measure with ya when you go shopping. I didn't actually do any of that...but at $4 could I have gone wrong?!

  2. Looks good! I like the pairings you've got there, though #2 doesn't go quite as well as the other two. I'd also consider switching the darker fabric to the bottom on #3 to minimize wear and stains.

    1. I agree with Nick on the bottom one. I would put the darker on the seat instead of the back. Great find!!

    2. Hi Nick and AlliT. AH...great! Thanks so much for weighing in. I didn't (have time to...for realz) think of that. I'll be sure to keep that issue in mind when pairing them up.

  3. loved all the three pairings...first one just pops

    1. Hi Sudha. Oh how I wish they would have had more of the really "loud" patterns like that! Also, I wish they would have had a bunch of the same colors or patterns. I've got a danish style sofa that also needs 6 matching cushions like these!

  4. Can anyone point to the original source of these cushions? My Target doesn't stock them. The labels should give a clue. I have DM chairs that will cost me $100+ each to make useable otherwise.

    1. Hi MYTHOS. None of the cushions had tags. See if you have a Garden Ridge or an Olde Time Pottery in your area. The patio chair cushions should be going on sale soon as they start stocking Christmas decorations...only half kidding about that.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I'm in Minnesota, so the closest of either store is southern Wisconsin. Too bad. On the plus side, I get my Danish-Modern from the source: thrift-dumpers who are tired of looking at Tante Lena's old stuff.

  5. Interesting pairings indeed. Some pretty cool combos in a few of those pics.

    1. Hi OMM. Thanks, it's too bad that there weren't ANY matching sets.