Sunday, February 5, 2012

Looks Like George (Comments, Yesterday) Sussed Out That This Is A Herman Miller "Chicklet" Sofa Tout De Suite! Did I Make It THAT Easy? Status: Needs A Good Cleaning.


Is that a sexy back side or what? Please disregard the dollies.  It was misting all day today and I wanted to get some natural light pictures of this beauty designed by Ray Wilkes, but I didn't want to put it on the wet driveway.  It's just so Pop Art cool!  I've got to figure out a place to put this in the house that shows off this angle, don't ya think?


You might remember back in November of last year that I attended the Ivey Selkirk modernism

auction where there were a pair of chicklet chairs being sold
.  They weren't quite my cup of tea

because of the upholstery choice and since they didn't sell (lot was passed, estimate was at

$500 - $700 for the pair
) I assume the other buyers felt the same way.  I'm glad I waited and

my patience paid off! 


I arrived at the sale (estate, ostensibly) yesterday only about 40 minutes before opening time

and was still first in line and had my choice of items.  Like I said yesterday, this was actually a

consolation prize as the Eames / Herman Miller dining table was just a little to pricey for my

comfort.  I took the Girlfriend back over to that sale late this afternoon to see what was left

and pick up a couple half off sundries.  She managed to find some cute shoes for cheap and

some office needs for work  I picked up a pair of nice Altec Lansing computer speakers.  The

Knoll task chair and Eames / Herman Miller desk were both gone.  I'm kinda glad since I don't

really have any need of them and even less room to store them.


Obviously this sofa (love seat?) needs a good cleaning but otherwise it's perfect.  There aren't

any rips, tears or worn areas.  Cleaning it up should be pretty easy since it comes all apart.

That means I'll be able to get all the crud out from between all the seat cushions and armrests /

sides.  Dated 1979, that makes this sofa 33 years old.  It's excellent condition testifies to the

quality of materials, design and workmanship of Herman Miller products.  There is a reason

that new Herman Miller products are seemingly so's because in 30 years (likely

in 50 years, even) they are probably going to be as good as new like this!


  1. That baby looks great from every angle! Yes, it's true the quality of workmanship is top notch just like most of the MCM pieces. Who needs new stufff when you can own something so swell and well built...

  2. Looks like it was a big Herman Miller weekend in the STL. Great find!

    1. No doubt! I think the "season" might be starting early! I just snagged another A M A Z I N G score off craigsist just a few hours ago.

    2. What'd you get? I'm intrigued now.

  3. Terrific find! I've always thought that sofa was so cute!

    1. My reaction upon first learning of these chicklet pieces was that they were a little TOO simple. But like many things in my life, my tastes have matured and...oh whatever...I'm a name snob and I admit it! Herman Miller / Ray Wilkes? Done.

  4. do you have a special way that you clean this type of upholstery?

    1. I'm considering getting something like a Bissel portable upholstery / carpet spot cleaner, but I might just leave it to a pro. The first step is to clean all the hair off. I use super sticky packing tape.

  5. How comfy is it? I've always wondered. Looks like it is in great condition!

    1. Of course I'm sure it's all ergonomically correct and stuff. The cushions are super firm. I don't think it'll be a nap takin' sofa though. Wrong configuration. Since it's on the cusp of being institutional furniture (very stylish institutional furniture, that is) it's gonna last forever.

  6. I almost nabbed a lime green HM Chicklet here in Tallahassee from some college kid who didn't know what she had. $45! Someone else beat me to it. Such a timeless design! And I love the brown.

    1. College kids who don't know what they have... ::sigh:: gotta love 'em! People who beat us to their stuff? A pox upon their house...except for nickarmadillo. He's already got a pox on his house...or three.

    2. I certainly do. I'm starting to think that my house was built on an ancient Native American graveyard or something.

      And the college kids are the worst. Most of them inherited these pieces from their parents and grandparents and then just think that they are old junk and treat them like crap. I've got a friend who has a gorgeous McCobb Planner Group dresser that he ruined by leaving empty beer cans on top of it. Such a shame.