Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Found This Awesome Pull Down Saucer Light Fixture A Few Weeks Ago Languishing In A Belleville Thrift Store. Status: Saved.


Ain't she a beaut.?  Like a city in Montana!  Can ya believe somebody didn't want this anymore?  At least they had the good sense to donate it to a thrift store.  That's were our story begins.  The St. Francis Thrift Shop in Belleville Il.


After attending an estate sale in Belleville a few weekends back (where I got the pair of Basset

living room tables I featured about a week ago) I had a little time on my hands before I had to

meet a buyer (who got those great melmac dishes)...so, of course I plowed through as many

East Side thrift stores as I could while in the neighborhood!  Oddly enough, this was the only

score and I found it at the first shop I stopped at.  The rest were apparently just for practice.


This fixture is HUGE.  A full 21" across.  The pull down mechanism is nice and smooth and

retracts nicely.  The nut on the bottom of that wood "pull" is actually the switch.  It's a three

way switch since there are bulbs in both the main light as well as in the "bowl" above it.


You can either have just the bowl lamps on to have a bit off mood light....in the kitchen...

whatever, or the main lamps for...you know...seeing, or both for...seeing....when you're in the 

mood?  Nice right?  And it totally works.  I've hooked it all up and tested it.


Unfortunately for me all of our light fixtures (we have a main light and a pull down saucer in

our kitchen) have an antique brass finish, not all bright and shiny like this. So we can't use

this amazing fixture. Can you (and are you local)?


  1. I don't get out much. Maybe that's why I've never seen a pull down with uplights and downlights both. I'm not local (to you anyway), and I have three pull down lights already, but I'd have that one in a minute.

    1. Hi Dave. I probably get out a bit TOO much...that's probably why I have like four or maybe more pull downs around here! I can't pass them up when they are this cool.

  2. i have a special thing for pull down lights...i wish i was in STL :(

    1. Hi Sudha. I wish you were around here too! I bet we'd have bumped into each other by now and totally hit it off.

  3. We just sold the one we had last week. It didn't have the cool uplight but slid on a track with the wiring looped at intervals with brass weights. I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. I'm sure this one will find a new home soon!

    1. Hi A Mod. That sounds like one that Pam featured on Retrorenovation a while back that she spotted at an estate sale. And it sounds totally cool!

  4. Dig the uplight! It appears to be a Moe Light. Was there any identification on it? I picked up a similar saucer fixture a while back and had plans to incorporate it into our dining area, but sadly it has remained stowed away in the storage room. Given I have picked up a couple other lighting solutions that fit the space a bit better, I think our Moe light will be up for sale as well.

    1. Hi Oh My. Huh, I didn't look for a label! Maybe it is a Moe. I'll look inside it for a sticker. Meanwhile, let's move some lighting!

  5. Love it! Want it! Is it still available?