Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reader Submissions! Ain't They Grand? Good Thing Too, Cuz I Had Nothin Today For Realz. Status: Bullet Dodged.


Blog reader John (the AtomicHipster) shot me a note a few days ago wondering if I might be able to help him with Identification or any other information about this fantastic pole lamp.  I gave it a shot but couldn't find anything worth, our hope is that the super smart Modtomic readership might be able to shed some light on the lamp. Sorry, had to be done.


John says he's had the lamp for about 10 years after picking it up from a consignment shop in

Spencer Ma. As you can see from the photos, John has an eclectic vintage modern taste in

furnishings and ephemera. He's thinking the lamp might be Italian and because of the marble

base and white globes, I'm tempted to agree. Damn, that's a pretty lamp!


The lamp sports a two button floor switch that can turn on the main "spot" lights for full

illumination or...OR...and this is cool....or you can just turn on some small bulbs that illuminate

the white frosted globes for mood lighting! Nice, right? John only discovered this feature

AFTER buying the lamp and getting it snuggled up against his Plycraft lounger. The globes are

adjustable and look like they "float" in chrome loops so that the "spots" can be aimed and the

chrome loops are apparently mobile as well allowing lots of lighting options. I love that the cords

for the globes drape gracefully between the lamps and the pole. This is obviously a high end

lamp. Have any of you ever come across one or do you have any pertinent info about it? I'm

sure Jeff would be so grateful for any leads that might help.


  1. I found this in a quick browse...Looks like the suspect to me...
    Hope this helps...

  2. Wow, that was fast work from a Modern Line, that is indeed my lamp!! Thanks for helping to identify it after all these years.
    John aka AtomicHipster

    1. Glad to help! I usually rely on Mr. Mod or any of the incredibly resourcsful folks out here in the blogosphere. I just got lucky this time...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam, it's one of my favorite acquisitions next to my Brasilia Room Divider.


  4. Hi everyone, upon investigating the photos and discription it looks like the lamp for 2,000.00 has solid globes without the eyeball spots that mine have?? I'm thinking mine might actually be more valuable as its more versatile in use with lite globes OR just spots OR both??? What do you think? It certainly looks like the same designer and overall look.


  5. I just looked at Fat Chance Modern website, it reminds me of 1st Dibs. Everything cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. My floor lamp is flanked by 2 lamps that cost $5,000.00 dollars apiece!!LOLOL

  6. Here is a listing for another lamp like yours

  7. Look At You Guys! Way to crowd source, right?! I have a feeling this is gonna become a regular thing. I've been getting lots of e-mails and I've been tryin' but I'm already a little overwhelmed. Knowing the readers have Mr. Modtomic's back bodes well for future Mystery / ID features. Thanks so much everybody for helping out!

    1. And thank you for featuring my lamp so I could finally get some info on it. Unfortunately neither site listed a manufacturer or designer so I will continue to research this. By the way I just started a blog on Blogger to highlight my renovations to my 1959 ranch house if your interested. It's called AtomicHipsters Pad.

      Thanks again,John