Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Here! I'm Here! I Know I'm A Little Late. But I Got A Nice Little Before And After Bassett Furniture Livingroom Table Set! Status: Lacking Sleep!


So sorry we missed each other this morning!  I had a tough night last night and had planned to get up real early this morning.  I just didn't have the wear with all to get a post up last night after work.  Sometimes it just bees that way.  But I hope ya like this posting.  Went to an estate sale this morning and brought home a rough pair of Bassett Furniture livingroom tables.  Then cleaned them up for ya!

I got an e-mail via craigslist last night while I was at work inquiring about the PJC plastic

 dinnerware and made arrangements to meet the sender. When I got home I took care of

 some other pressing matters then started looking for the dishware. Oh....My....God. I

 spent like 3 hours trying to find that damn set of dishes. I had gotten an inquiry about them

 weeks ago and had packed them all up to take to work with me (to meet the buyer by my

 workplace). When that deal never materialized I did something with the dishes but I

 couldn't remember what for the life of me. Then of course, as soon as I did find them I was

 all like, duh. But by that time it was 3:30am and I had planned to get up at 7am. ::sigh::


Well, I did manage to get up at 7am but it weren't fun. I am NOT a morning person. I managed

 to get to the sale a full hour early but still there were about four or five buyers already there

 waiting in line. I wasn't aching to get anything in particular at the sale so it wasn't a big deal.

 And yet, I managed to get absolutely EVERYTHING I came for without even trying! And

 Wow, there were a lot of buyers lined up behind me by the time the doors opened!


These two livingroom tables were part of what drew me to the sale.  Seems like if you see a

 couple of items like this in the advertising pictures of a sale, you're likely to find at least a

 couple other good items even if there aren't pictures of anything else in the ad.  These were

 SO dusty and dirty.  These pics are post Murphy Oil Soap cleanup.  They were so bad

 before that I was too embarrassed to show you.   Then after cleaning them up I felt like since

 it's like 50 degrees and sunny today, maybe I'd go one further and take some steel wool and

 some refinisher to them as well.


Ta-Da!  Done.  No...they still are not perfect.  They are vintage...and as such they are going to

 possess Character!  I was hoping that the dark rings on the smaller / taller table would come

 out but they just wouldn't budge.  I'll leave any further efforts to remove those to the next owner.

  They look pretty nice now and a skillful placement of a lamp will do wonders for hiding that

 character mark.


I actually picked up the coffee table for my friend Illuminate though since it was in rougher shape

 than could be discerned from the ad pics I went ahead and gussied it up to rack up a little value

 added.  She gets first shot at the coffee table and the lamp table too, if she likes...but if she

 passed these will be available right away.  I get lots of requests for long low coffee table so I'm

 sure I'll be relieved of it shortly one way or another!


Just look at those lovely sculpted legs. Anybody know who manufactured these? (Edit:

Vintage Hunter ID'd these for us!) I've seen them around here and there but I've never seen

a tag attached. There was a real nice Danish Modern style dining set with a china cabinet at

the sale too but I just didn't have room (or the extra $$) to bring it home. There were some

other good items there to be had and I got my share and I'll be sharing them with you soon

but I left plenty behind. There was a great stereo console that worked but had finish issues

on it's lid. I also left (but it did get snapped up before I left) a nice little Danish style end

table / night stand. It was a good sale...well worth getting only a couple hours sleep!


  1. I had a friend offer to give me a very similar cocktail table to the one you have pictured but sadly, it wasn't worth saving. It had the same lines with an amorphic glass inset but was too far gone. These look like great candidates for sanding the tops off and refinishing! Very Brasilia lines...

    1. Hi A Mod. Sadly, we can't save them all. I wish I had your patience for Proper refinishing.

  2. Those are really interesting tables. I don't think I've seen any like them. Any idea about the maker?

    Most of the time we don't buy pieces that have to be refinished, but lately it seems like we've found so many good things that a refinishing would add so much value to. We just got a Drexel Precedent desk back from Hank Tosh, and it looks amazing.

    1. Hi Dana. I wish I had a Hank Tosh up here! For those who don't know, you should go check out Hank Tosh @ TohMahal. I bet that desk looks great.

    2. Oops, that should read "ToshMahal". Anyway, go check him out!

  3. I sold a pair not too long ago that looks to be the same brand. I had a coffee table and matching octagonal table. They were marked Bassett (and in nearly perfect condition.) I've regretted selling them a few times but they just didn't quite right anywhere in my house.

    1. Hi Vintage H. Most of my finds go quite right in the garage! I just can't pass up a good deal...unless the garage is too full. I passed up a super beautiful danish dining room suit for $200 on craigslist today. THAT'S what I will probably regret!

      Here's a clickable link to your blog post above. Those ARE the same! Mystery solved. Will edit post.

  4. I'm looking for a knowledgeable person to enlighten me on the table I found. Care to dedicate a post to it for me pretty please?

    1. Hi Nomads. I'd be happy to help you out. But first, I don't think that the table is Broyhill Brasilia. It DEFINITELY has the right general look but the devil is in the details. It's so close that it's weird! Why would another company make a copy so close? Can you e-mail me one or more of the pictures to use?

  5. It is definitely Broyhill, as I can show you the numbers on the back of the stamped Broyhill Brasilia credenza match the table. I can't understand why it's not in the catalog but it's fascinating! You can click on any of the pictures in my blog and use them. If you'd rather I email them, please send me an email at Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Nomads. My Bad! You are correct. It IS a Brasilia dining table! I've only found one little bitty teeny tiny picture of one like it but it is surrounded by another weird set of Brasilia dining chairs that I HAVE seen before.

  6. Really? Where did you see it? What did the chairs look like???