Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As Promised: South County Antique Mall - A Quick "Tour". Status: Delivered.


I knew I'd find it!  This is the Herman Miller / Eames table that I failed to get a picture of at the shoe store "estate" sale last week.  Ahhhh...my work is done.  What?  You wanna see more?  It isn't enough that I drove to the complete other side of St. Louis to get this picture?  Well...there was some other interesting items at the South County Antique Mall...I realize that acronyms out to SCAM but I assure you that the mall is not!
Sure, there are some dealers who aren't concerned with the thrifty vintage modern buyer but

ain't nobody getting scammed.  There are almost always good deals to be had, but it's usually

the better informed or educated that is on the good side of the deal.  I can't stress this enough.

Knowledge equals Time equals Money.  Pick any two!  Anyway, enough preachin'.  Let's

have a quick look around and see what kinda cool stuff lurks at this HUGE antique mall.


These daybed sofas seem to be pretty popular with the vintage modern buyers.  I recently sold

a matched pair of them that I had in the spare bedroom.  They weren't this nice though.  I

didn't fully inspect the white vinyl for flaws but it looked pretty nice to me.  Crisp and clean.


Now wouldn't this glass chip art piece look lovely hanging just above that white daybed sofa?

That is some classic retro artwork.  Somehow this gives off a Polynesian vibe even though the

lute is like a Renaissance or Egyptian instrument.  I guess you could put together an Egyptian

retro kitschy themed room around it!  I just like glass chip art.


This is a genuine Preway cone fireplace.  I say genuine because I own five cone style fireplaces

and not one is a Preway!  And Preway is one of the big names in these fireplaces.  Malm is the

other.  You can still buy a new Malm...if like you are just itchin' to kill that checking balance

you've worked so hard to build up.  The other really cool thing about this piece is that it's small.

It's like a 3/4 scale version of what I would say is the standard size fireplace!  It's got to be

rare, right?  I didn't even look at the price since the seller had attached a fact sheet about

Preway fireplaces to the item.  Knowledge equals Money!


Now you know that if there is some Russel Wright to be found in an antique mall Mr. Modtomic

is going to suss it out.  I've pretty much got my fill of the Stubenville line but this plastic stuff is

starting to piss me off.  I only see little bits and pieces of it here and there!  I don't buy it because

I'm afraid I won't be able to find enough to complete even a basic setting for four.  And really,

that's the whole point of collecting it, right?


Oh, and speaking of collecting dinnerware...check out this rather comprehensive set of Red

Wing Lute Song!  Uh...WOW!  And yes, the asking was also appropriately WOW, but the

booth did have a 40% off sign up.  Even so it would still be slightly upwards of four Bens.  I

really....really like this set.  I'm trying real hard to justify NOT going back and making an offer

on the set.  I'm fairly smitten with some of the Red Wing lines such as Bobwhite but it's

always priced out of my comfort zone and I NEVER see it at estate sales or (heaven forbid!)

thrift stores.  Ugh.


Both the Girlfriend and I loved this little walnut tripod bowl / stand, and it was available for a

good price, but we just couldn't see a place for it in the house.  We passed on it but I can't

imagine it sticking around for long.  It's just too cool...and it's a locally produced (Ozark Walnut

Bowl) piece of vintage modern ephemera!


This has to be the prettiest Wagner Magnalite aluminum roaster I've ever seen.  It looks like it's

never been used.  Actually I think it looks better than that, it looks like it's been polished up all

nice!  I have a weakness for Wagnerware, be it the cast iron skillets or the aluminum sauce

pans.  Even so, I had to leave it behind.  I'll find mine at an estate sale some day.  I can wait.


This is a nice example of an Eames Lounger knock off but I'm not sure what to say about the

asking price.  I don't know if I am just underestimating the market for such an item and perhaps

these are growing in value rather rigorously.  I'm not trying to be a know it all or hurt anyone's

feelings or anything like that but am I wrong in thinking that even the best example of a knock

off like this isn't a $1,200 item?  Let's take a poll!  Where are you from and what does an

Eames Lounger copy (chrome steel base like this one) generally go for in your neck of the

woods?  'Round here I'd say the average is maybe $250.  I've picked up one for $75 and

passed on a second for the same the same day.  I've seen one had for $10 at an estate sale

recently.  I've seen them sell for upwards of $500 on eBay.  I don't generally like to talk

numbers like this but maybe I need to learn a little something!


  1. $1200?! I'd go up to $250 max, but only if it was one of the nicer styles and in excellent condition. Did you see the Plycraft listed on Craigslist for $1500 that has now been brought down to the bargain price of $700?

    Reminds me of one of my favorite films -

    1. Dooood! That is a pretty funny video! I did see and have seen lots of these chairs on c-list for similar prices. When I see an obvious knock off listed as the real thing I try to gently inform the seller of their (probably honest) mistake.

  2. Yeah, Plycrafts get sold for around $500 up here. But I've seen them higher...as a buyer you have to know the difference in style between the Plycraft and the Eames in order to not get ripped off. $1,200 is a big time rip off.

    1. Hi Diana. I don't know if I'd call it a Rip Off. I don't think the seller is trying to fool anyone into believing this is a Herman Miller / Eames product. The price just seems a little optomistic. The real deal wouldn't be less than twice this price, right?

  3. I would think $200 or so would be about average around here. Certainly nowhere near $1200! The few I've seen at estate sales have been well priced ($100 or less) but I have no use for one. I was at an auction that had two of them in great condition last year but they were the only things of any interest at the sale so I didn't stick around to see the selling price. I'd guess pretty cheap. I really like the style of these but my husband doesn't care for them at all (not sure why.)

    1. Hi Vintage H. Let me see if I can find a couple pics of pretty girls sitting in them for ya...we'll get his mind straight! J/K! ;)

  4. Last year I turned a nice repro chair and otto version with just a couple of minor issues for just under $600. It was a nice quality piece although not original. I've also got a complete Redwing "Bob White" set in the store with most all the servving pieces that has yet to move. They belong to a consignor and they are priced reasonably but have yet to move. Go figure...Love the funky lids on the serving pieces!

    1. Hi A Mod. I kinda feel like even the nicest chrome steel base copy is only at best a $300-$400 chair...at least in my neck of the woods. Now, I have seen some vintage copies that more closely resemble the original and have aluminum bases that I would have no issue with paying more for.

  5. 1200 is def not what i would pay but i may not be shocked...considering the prices for mcm stuff in atl antique malls..i have seen knock off of danish chairs and ottomans going for 1k. And i may never shell out more than 250 for something in good condition.

    1. Hi Sudha. I think the bulk of us are a bit too thrifty to buy a chair (any chair!) for $1200. I'm thinking that this seller is not counting on any of US for a sale and may even eventually lower that asking price. If they do happen to get that much for it though....bully for them!