Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Crap. I Forgot To Title This Post! Hmmmm...Looky, Mod Art! Status: I Was Ill, Swear.


These four pieces weren't recent finds.  I've had them for years.  Funny looking back now how I can see the phases of availability of various styles at the thrift stores.  I hardly ever see this style anymore, which sucks...cuz it's one of my favorites!  Maybe I'll stop being so lazy and try my hand at making my own pieces inspired by this style.


If you look closely at these you notice that first of all, they are indeed prints.  I ain't got no fancy

originals...not yet anyway.  The thrift gods haven't been THAT good to me!  But second, and

more interestingly, the subjects are represented by what appears to be a mosaic of different

veneers of wood.  How cool is that...or well, would that be if they weren't just simple prints?

They's still purdy.


Bernard Buffet is the only artist of this type that I've ever heard of.  Paillava?  I can't find any

info on the web at all.  Love the style though.  What would it be called, Geometric

Expressionism?  I think that might suit it.


Again, artist Moret 62.  Not much info out there.  Surely these artists produced originals, right?

Well of course.  You can't have a print without an original.  I'll happily stick with these if I don't

ever stumble upon an original.  But then again, maybe I'll start making my OWN originals!  Who

wants an original M. Modtomic '12?!


  1. I think the 2nd artist is "Paillard". I can only find this ebay listing
    The style is similar but the signature is different (artist signatures do change over time)

    The last artist, I think, is- Luis Moret, a Mexican painter 1929-2009. Again, not much info. He probably did some commercial work.

    1. Hi Bopfish. Actually, I thought it was Paillard too but upon closer inspection there is a bit of text at the bottom of the print proclaiming the artist Paillava. ::shrugg:: I guess they could be wrong though. Maybe they were just eyeballing the sig. and got "va" instead of "rd". Dunno. And you might be right about Luis Moret. There's a lot of difference but I can see a commonality in the signatures.

  2. I am a Bernard Buffet lover. I have a large print of his (18x24) that I found at Treasure Aisles and it led me to look at his artwork a little more. I loved the architectural style and dark black loose outlines. Now the framed piece on the easel with the utility light is a Buffet print as well of a man and woman on a blue background. Cheers - CT

    1. Hi CT. Oddly, I don't have ANY Buffet prints! I have seen them here and there but never picked one up. Weird.

  3. I'm by no means an afficionado of MCM art but I do know what I like and like all of these. I've probably sold some pieces that were worth more than I've asked and priced some things I love higher than their value. To me art is subjective to the buyer and I love stuff like this for the store! Nice pieces, prints or no...

    1. Hi A Mod. I should have stuck around at the Ivey Selkirk Modernism auction to see how the art went down. Actually, I can check the realized bidding on the website so maybe I'll do that. One of my favorite "mid-century" artists is Joan Miro. I spotted a few pieces at an estate sale on the web but didn't make it to the actual sale and there was a few pieces at the Selkirk. I'm thinking that I might be able to get some "real" artwork at bargain prices around here. Or maybe not. Just checked the realized price of a Miro Litho signed in pencil at that modernism auction...$3,000. Ouch.

  4. I'm about to post an original Moret but I cannot tell you which Moret it is as there are many artist with that last name. I'm still researching. Without a doubt I have the original as DAC made the repros and that was my father's company. SO, see and shop for real honest original works of art from the Mid-Century. You are right, there ARE originals out there and I believe I have some of the originals of the prints you are showing. Keep up with our web site as I'm working hard to post all of our paintings of which we have many.

    1. I am curious about luis moret i believe i have a original artwork, can anyone tell me more about him?