Saturday, February 18, 2012

Picked Up Another Lovely "Chocolate" Lamp At An Estate Sale This Weekend. 'Cuz Chocolate's Better When....There's More. Status: Doubled.


Check it out!  The lamp in the background was pilfered from an estate sale long, long ago in West County and the New lamp in the foreground was snatched up at an estate sale this weekend in Belleville Il. which could be kinda considered East County!


Not a perfect match but Oh So Close!  I say "Chocolate Lamp" but really it's more of a Three

Musketeers Lamp.  You the candy bar....if you cut one in half. I want

a candy bar.  Other coincidences?  Both were found in the basement in of their respected sales.

And both were the same price!


...But those shades couldn't be more different!  The first is like burlap with spun fiberglass and

then laced along the edges.  Weird, right?  But it's really cool.  The second is a standard shade...

that is wrapped with two tones of twine.  So they are completely different...yet both weird...and

cool.  Booyah!


Classic Genie Bottle shapes. Gotta love 'em! Do I need another lamp? Nope. No really, we got

lamps out the wazoo 'round here! I need to get some garage shelves for all the extra stuff we

got sitting around in this joint! I'm sure it would make finding stuff much easier. Maybe I'll find

some cheap shelves at the Estate Sale I'm going to in the morning! Maybe I'll get another lamp

or three!


  1. I've started to leave a lot of vintage lamps behind, my husband thinks I have a lamp problem, and we have an average of 1 outlet per room in this old house of ours. I've been know to have lamps sitting around that aren't even plugged in, just because I love them!

    1. I'm a lamp-oholic too. I think I have 18. I have a post on my blog scheduled for Monday entitled In Praise of Older Lamps. In the overall scheme of things a lamp addiction shouldn't be considered a bad thing.

    2. Hi Hannah. I too have left a few behind at the thrift stores that in the past I would have brought home. You know those old crazy cat ladies? Ima be that old crazy lamp guy!

    3. Hi Dave. Don't forget to pimp your blog! DavesMidcenturyStuff It's coming along nicely! And here's to Lamp-oholism!

  2. Can you actually have too many lamps? There's no way I could leave either of these beauties behind! I have at least 3 or 4 lamps at any given time that need some attention I never pass on nice lamps or shades!

    1. Hi A Mod. Dave mentioned on his blog a few days ago that his "wonder woman" fixed up a shade with new shade material. Maybe we can get him to do a blog post on "How To" do that! Whadoya Say Dave?

    2. Your blog is such a great facilitator of great information and more time wasted sitting in front of this damn screen! I'm glad (I guess) that Dave posted on your blog so now I have "another" blog to keep track of...: ) At least we live within a couple of hours of each other and it's nice to have someone close but not so close we share the same pickin' grounds. At least not normally as we have been known to road trip all over the state and my wife hails from Ft. Myers and has family there. Plan on adding "Dave" to my blogs and maybe he will return the favor and stop by and check out our new digs when he's in town...

    3. Hi A Mod. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted checking my stats! I get a kick out of seeing how my blogs visitors found me.

  3. I had to put a ban on my lamp buying as my apartment is crammed full of them... of course I just bought another lamp last weekend, oops. In my defense it's a SMALL lamp so it has to fit somewhere, right?

    It's hard to say 'no' to practical items like lamps isn't it? Also I like how your lamps have found each other, they seem to be cousins.

    1. Hi Leilani. I can't ban anything! I hadn't thought of them as having found each other before. That's a great way to justify...I mean, look at it!