Thursday, February 2, 2012

So You Demand A Danish Modern Look But You Have A Hankerin' To Play Some Honky Tonk Piano? Better Get To Value Village Quick! Status: You're Covered.


Mr. Modtomic can't really play the piano to well but he can play a little by ear. But this piano might be too far gone to be a "playing" piano anymore. It might just be a good "looking at" piano if it makes it out of this Value Village at 770 N Us Highway 67 Florissant, MO 63031.

I poked around inside this rare danish modern style Winter Piano and it looked pretty

rough. The tuners looked rusty and it looked like some "strings" were missing. I know that

even having a piano TUNED isn't a cheap endeavor so I can imagine having one rebuilt

must be ridiculous. But then, maybe there is a musician with a soft heart and some

mechanical skills out there who just can't stand the idea of this rare beauty heading off to

the landfill.


I'd bring it home myself but I know it would just sit out there in the Garage collecting more than

it's own weight in dust before I got around to doing it justice! They either just got it in or

someone actually bought it since I didn't see a price on it anywhere. I'm guessing it just came in.

There isn't a big market for iffy pianos out there is there?


Whoa...This was $875 when it was new back in what...1965?  Plus the freight and the bench...

that was almost a cool grand.  Keep in mind that a 1965 Ford Mustang could be had for about

$2500! much is a new Ford Mustang?  Looks like a cheap one will run you

about 10 times the '65.  Could this mid century modern piano be the diamond in the rough

you've been hoping to find?  It was still at the Value Village this afternoon.


One of the two items above is not still available at the Value Village thrift store.  Can you guess

which one came home with me?  The Dormeyer deep fat fryer?  The Sunbeam Radiant Control

Automatic toaster?  Both are pretty cool.  All the fast food french fries suck anymore (well,

White Castle are still pretty good) so having a counter top deep fryer would be great.  No more

microwave Jalapeno Poppers!  But I do have a thing for Sunbeam toasters...yet I already have

three of these
sitting on a shelf.  Which is it?  Which one made the cut?


  1. If you picked the Dormeyer fryer, then you made a wise choice! I picked up a Dormeyer coffee percolator at a thrift store a few weeks ago for $6. It is stainless steel and SOLID. From my research, it looks like it was made in 1957. It makes the BEST cup of coffee I've ever had! No more drip coffee maker for me. I took my drip maker to the Salvation Army for someone else to enjoy!

    1. The very first vintage mixer I bought at an estate sale years ago was a Dormeyer. It's built like a tank. These vintage units are so heavy duty and last forever.

  2. well, i would pick the toaster, just cause i dont have a cool retro one in my kitchen. but, i am guessing since you already have 3 (three!) toasters, that you picked the fryer. my hubby loves jalapeno poppers, i will send him your way :)

    1. I left the fryer behind. I just didn't think I'd ever use it and it would take up too much counter space to just display it. If you send the hubby over ask him to pickup a six pack of Schlafly Hefeweizen to drink with the poppers!

  3. I have a classic T-9 sunbeam toaster, works great!

    1. Hey Mr. Modtomic

      How would a person get a private message to you?


    2. Dave, you can go through one of my craigslist ads. I'd put an e-mail addresson the blog but I'm sure it would fill with spam super fast.

    3. John - Ooo...those T9s are pretty! Ain't the chrome on these old girls something else? I've got a T1D out in the Garage that isn't currently working but it's also a looker. I think it's got a broken spring in the pop up mechanism or something. I have seen a Toast-A-Lator (walking toaster) at an antique mall in the past but haven't found one in good enough shape to buy. That's the "holy grail" of toasters for far.