Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Compilation Of Chair Posts. It's Stupid How Many Chairs I've "Gone Through"! Status: The Next Ten


Awe...those of you who are new to Mr. Modtomic's blog may not recognize Kennedy.  He was our kitty for many years (more so in the Girlfriends case as he was around before I was) and we had to let him go to the big catnip field in the sky last year.  It's still a little heart wrenching to see pictures of him unexpectedly.  He was the best cat ever.  But even so, the Girlfriend is chompin' at the bit lately to get another.  So that this chair is up next, with Kennedy posing rather proudly, is kind of a coincidence!

Overman Pod Chair 01Overman Pod Chair 03

This Overman Swivel Lounge "Pod" chair was a great craigslist find.  It wasn't a super bargain

but it was priced fairly.  I drove out just at dusk to meet the seller and procure it.  What I didn't

realize in the dark was that it was covered in pet hair!  It was pretty easy to clean up and

eventually it was taken to New Orleans on one of our many trips to the Big Easy and presented

to a new owner there.  This happens a lot.  I almost always take a load of this stuff with me to

New Orleans.  There are those down there who love that I do this and probably some who

hate it (my ads get flagged pretty hard).


I think I picked up this somewhat conservative lounge chair at the St. Charles Goodwill or

maybe Salvation Army. I can't remember. Shoot I didn't even remember the chair at all until I

re-read this posting! The chair came home with a bunch of other items that were probably

culled from both of those "traps". It didn't stick around long. It's solid construction, simple lines

and firm cushions helped it find a new home quickly.


These Knoll Bertoia side chairs, like the Erik Buck barstools, where long in coming to the

Modtomic Ranch.  I had been pining for a set of these so much that I had been considering

bidding on various sets on eBay.  Then I spotted a set of "patio chairs" on the Kansas City

craigslist and they were about 1/3 the price (maybe less) than what I thought I could expect

to pay on eBay.  Sold.  A road trip was in order!  A long, wet, rainy roadtrip.  But I finally

got my set of Bertoias!


Ah, the Panton "S" Chairs.  These caused a little bit of controversy here on the Mr. Modtomic

blog.  The seller had listed the four chairs on craigslist @ $25.  It was difficult to discern if the

seller meant $25 each or for all.  I assumed it was each and (ostensibly) offered $125 if they

could drive and meet me half way.  An over offer never hurts your chances when a seller gets

multiple e-mails.  So yeah, I got them...and that really pissed somebody off!


I spotted these Knoll Eero Saarinen Executive swivel rockers in a picture in an ad for a

conference table. They didn't come least by my standards, but they are superior

quality executive chairs. I'm sitting in one right now. I still have all six that I bought. They are

still available on my craigslist ad. I don't understand St. Louis sometimes. Oh well, some day

the right person will see them and just have to have them!


The four Herman Miller / Eames shell stacking chairs were traded to me along with an amazing

console stereo for the Broyhill Brazilia desk that currently (at least I think) resides at Dan's

amazing home
. He really wanted this desk! I kinda wish I had kept the Shell Chairs! Eh, it all

works out in the end. These chairs have made their way on to a new owner in Columbia Mo.


OK, so maybe these aren't technically "chairs", but these are some sweet vintage modern bar

!  I haven't any idea who made them or if they are designed by anybody important.  In

fact, I've never seen any very similar to them at all!  I think these will be available on one of my

ads shortly as they have been usurped by the Erik Buck bar stools!  They have served me well.


Nope. These Thomas Moser dining chairs were not purchased and never made their way home

with me. I didn't even know what they were when I spotted them at the Peavely Flea Market

that day. I just knew that they were obviously of superior quality and workmanship and that I

better get a picture or three of them to take home so I could do a little research. I went back.

They were of course gone. Boy did I have a sad. :(


Well, since I found our Broyhill Brasilia dining chairs and the rest of the set, it turns out I didn't

need no stinkin' Thomas Moser dining chairs...yeah, I know...whatever!  Still, I'm more than

happy with our Brasilia dining suite.  As a matter of fact, it probably would take a Thomas

Moser dining set to crowbar the Brasilia set out of our dining room!  Check out this before

and after upholstery post.


I picked up this nice vinyl and walnut lounge chair from another craigslist ad. I also ended up

buying some really nice tables that the seller had in the garage too. They were just trying to

clean out some "old" stuff. I was happy to help! This has made it's way to a happy new home,

though as I recall, we had to take it all apart to fit into the new owner's car...while it was

raining. No worries, we were under an awning down at the Frozen Yogurt shop where I

meet buyers.

So there ya go! Ten more great seating choices that have come and gone (mostly) through the

Modtomic Lily Pad! I hope you've enjoyed this little look back and maybe you've discovered

a posting that you missed before or maybe because you are new 'round these parts. This time

we got up to about 400 post ago! Whew, we are moving right along!


  1. Mister Modtomic - My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have the same barstools (rattan back with wood legs and vinyl seat). You can see them here:
    I think she found them at Treasure Aisles ...Cheers - CT

  2. Poor kitty :( It's always so hard to see pets go. After we lost 2 dogs last year, I adopted an abandoned feral kitten that was found in the storage shed at work. Looks just like Kennedy now.

    1. I'm pretty sure we'll be introducing everybody to a new kitty (or two...ugh, twice the poop) pretty soon. The Girlfriend is aching for a living bundle of fur to cuddle up with on the couch during nap time.

    2. Should've come down to the plant a few months ago. We had a whole litter of kittens (same breed as Kennedy) that were abandoned by their mother inside of a screw conveyor. It was a nightmare to get them out, but they were so stinkin' cute. Then a few weeks later, my kitty had a litter of her own on the break room table. All found homes, so it was a happy ending. I know what they say about ferals and strays, but all of the ones that we've sheltered have been absolutely lovely.

  3. Love those bar stools! Who cares who made them when they look like that!

    1. They is pretty fancy ain't they. I'm having a hard time "getting around to" listing them.

  4. I NEED an orange shell chair and you had FOUR! Dammit! ;-) I'm digging these posts...keep it up!

    1. Your welcome Diana...or wait..I'm sorry...uhm, now I'm confused. There was an ad on the St. Louis craigslist for about 48 hours for 500 shell chairs in various colors at $85 each. I tried to buy 40 or 50 of them but the seller told me he had DONATED them to charity! I hope it was the Salvation Army thrift store!

    2. Funny, some were being hawked on the Mid Century Modern Facebook page from St. Louis...about 4 days after the ad was pulled. I noticed them and asked if they were from the lot of 500 and they said "YES!".

      I get so discouraged sometimes...I could rant here, but I won't. You seem like an honest seller who doesn't mark up stuff too much. Others are just sharks. Anyway...I'm starting to rant. LOVE the blog! Keep it up!

    3. Hi Diana. To be fair, the seller did tell me that they had donated all but about two dozen to a charity and I did try to buy the rest but it just never happened. Some folks can seem to find buyers for shell chairs at $200 each or whatever. I've had trouble unloading them at $100 each (the four I had sold for less than that) so I would never pay more than $50 each for them.

  5. Ooohhh! I'm a chair "addict" as well! Along with lamps/lighting. We just moved from a 3,000 sq ft house (1953 ranch)in Indianapolis to a 1,000 sq ft rental in northern California. Now we are faced with selling some of our seating. I noticed your large orange slag vase in your pictures. We have a collection of 10 in various sizes. They're irresistible and go with our orange/green/aqua decor. If you have more of them we'd love to see a post on them!
    Love your blog!!!!
    Kat and Robert

  6. Hi Kathryn. I don't have a lot of the slag glass swung vases, but here's a posting on some of our art glass for you to peruse if you like! I'm always looking for more (cheap) ones to ad to the collection.

  7. I am so jealous of all your chair acquisitions! I can never seem to find decently priced sweet mid-mod chairs here in Tulsa. We used to have a cute set of coordinating arm chairs and matching ottoman in orange and brown tonal stripes, but the cats scratched up the fronts, so my husband threw them out. That was almost 4 years ago and we still haven't found anything. Hmmm... that kinda makes me want to punch him. ;)

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