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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shees...the stuff that follows me home. Status update: The Chair is gone but the Hairpin Leg Table is available.


Yup these two guys followed me home (yes, followed...they were in the back of the car...so there!) along with a couple bags of other "smalls". Wanna see?


Another couple views of the chair and table. Blue Green painted milk glass coffee mugs.


Two possible Manhattan Snack dishes. Awesome Orange Boomerang ashtray.


Federal Glass decorated jar. Awesome color combo of Gold and Aqua.


Pair of Fiesta Cup and Saucers in bright yellow and Granny Squares crochet afghan blanket.

Hey, Fall is upon us and the Cold of Winter will be here before you know it! How about a

nice cup of Hot Cocoa while snuggled up under a warm blanky?

Update: The Danish Chair found a new home today 10/17/10.


  1. Love that lounge chair! I want it I want it! The ashtray is super cool too.

  2. The Lounge Chair will probably go "bye-bye" this weekend. It's attracted quite a bit of attention on Craigslist.

    I don't even smoke, yet I have maybe two dozen or more retro ashtrays! Oh the Irony.