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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let There Be Light...and there was light...and it was Fabulous!!! Status: Illuminating


We picked this beautiful Table / Lamp up at an estate sale on the World Famous "Hill" in South St. Louis a few years ago. I almost didn't buy it.


It was marked at $75 and I didn't think too much of it at the time as it was

covered in Decades of cigarette smoke and dust. The Girlfriend asked as we

were leaving if I had seen it and I said I had but that $75 was too much for

it. She mentioned that I could put a bid in the "Bid Box" and maybe they'd

call. I thought, yeah...hmmm, maybe I will.


So I went back in to put a bid in and they asked what I was going to bid. I told

them that I'd give them $35 for it and they said "Sold!". So home it went with

us! After cleaning it up a little I realized how great it looked. Yeah, there's

a little cigarette burn on the table but it kinda adds to the character! Plus, I

can just cover it with a clock or something. I've thought about selling it a

couple of times but the Girlfriend just ain't going for it.



  1. So fabulous! I've never seen one like this. The styles I've seen before are usually a plain pole lamp with a table around it and I don't like those. But this one is gorgeous!

  2. Wait, I'm not done.....I have to say it again, your house is incredible! That painting is gorgeous! And your front door - love it! You could charge admission for a home tour. I'd pay. ;)

  3. We picked this up so long ago that I really didn't know how special it was at the time. I too haven't seen much to compare to it since.

    I'd give ya a tour for the low low price of nuthin' Rhan! C'mon by, anytime!