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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheap Art! Cheap Art! it's everywhere....EVERYWHERE!!! I see it - I buy it. Status: always lookin' for more


While the mat surrounding this amazing Asian inspired oil painting leaves much to be desired, at only $15 at the flea market...this was a great find. I'm not tripping over and pushing these out of the way at the thrift stores but I have found a fair number of my collection there.


Yep, the last two are the same print. That's what happens when you just can't say "no" even when you suspect you might already have that one! Eh, I'll put them in different rooms. People will be like "De-ja-vous", yo.


How about the copper art! The frame is a little ganked up but that's what us Modtomitrists call "Character"! I once put this on Craigslist for sale and the Girlfriend...well, let's just say we still have it.


I have a thing for you might have guessed. Got the big clock from a C-list ad. The seller was like "just come by and slip the $ under the door, I'll leave the clock on the porch. I have an appointment to get to." Done! The smaller one is the clock I picked up at the flea market in my first flea mkt. post. The little piece of sculpture came back from Cuba with the Girlfriend a few months ago. The Sun-spray and Goosies came from the same flea mkt. visit.


  1. Me too - have a huge thing for starburst!! Can't seem to get my hands on a clock though. I've been looking for years.

  2. Have ya seen my collection of Franciscan Starburst? I've got a pic of it in my china cabinet behind the "where the heart is" link to the right. Maybe I'll knock out some good pics of the complete set (got some new pieces since those photos) and post them tomorrow.