Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well, After Another Particularly Dry Spell (I Guess I Should Figure Out If It's Some Sort of A Pattern, Right?) Things Are Once Again Flowing. I Picked Up This Fabuous Chrome And Glass Pace Coffee Table After Work Monday Evening. It's Quite Heavy. Status: Available.

Nice gams, eh? When I found this table my first thought was "Karl Springer" but that turned up nothing with a quick search. Then I remembered Pace!  Not a fancy desinger but still a well respected name in the design world.

You gotta love a big flashy coffee table that really makes a statement.  This chrome and glass piece might not be sceaming "Look At Me! Look At Me!", but it certainly lets you know it's there.  More of a "S'up?".  Less Cocker Spaniel and more Siamese Cat.

The chrome legs all look to be in great condition, but were covered in filth. I'm less and less amazed at how people will advertise and sell items without so much as shooting them with a little windex and wiping them with a paper towel.  I didn't have a lot of time to clean them up myself before shooting these pics, but at least I could see that all the nasty stuff WAS easy to remove...and it looks fine for some quick pics.

The glass top has all the minor scratches you'd expect to find on a vintage coffee table from anywhere between the late Sixties to the Eighties.  There are no chips to be found and that is kind of amazing. I know new glass can be made for something like this but I'm pretty sure that this top is original, and I like a little character with my vintage modern. Don't you?

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