Thursday, January 21, 2016

OK, So I've Been Absent. Two Things, Well Three...Maybe Four. Winter, Vacation, Craigslist, Car. But Looky, I Popped On A Danish Style Sofa / Daybed And It's Already At The Shag! Status: Already Gone.

Man, I hate me some winter.  The cold just sucks the life outa' me.  Last winter wasn't bad and it hasn't been too bad this year, until January.  This is why Mom-tomic moved to New Orleans.

So, not only has it been cold...but craigslist has been super dry.  There's just been nothing to be had.  I've even had conversations with some of my buddies (who are also in the game) and they say the same thing.  I guess I could be going to estate sales, but see above (it's cold, I hate cold!).

And just before it got cold (beginning of January) we were in New Orleans and Disneyworld for 11 days.  Nothing to blog about there, at least for this kinda blog.  That said, Disneyworld (and Epcot and Hollywood Studios) was a great place to spend the week before and including New Years Eve. Lemme know if you'd like to see some pics or a video.

Then, before all that...I bought a little convertible that's been something of a project.  See it here if you're at all interested.  I spent what little warm weather I had available trying to get it road worthy for next Spring.

And then I bought this great danish daybed sofa! Its (original) upholstery is as brilliant as it is shot. Too bad, cuz i really like the pattern and color. The frame and cushions though? Excellent! This is so ready to just have recovered..or if you're kinda handy, slipcovered. I've dropped it in my booth at The Green Shag Market and it's available as is, but I might just "pull" it and have the cushions recovered myself. I'm hoping that Jeff will have the time and capacity to do the work for me. Of course, if I do that I'll have to ask much more for it.


  1. After years of nonstop blogging, you and I both seem to have found more to do than just write. Looks like we both slowed our posting roll last year considerably, and I've only posted once this month too...just too much going on to sit in front of a computer every day. :) Nice find though. Like you, I still can't pass up a good score.

  2. Glad to see you're back, MMT! A little r&r is always good. Post some pics of the Epcot epic adventure and it might alleviate my cabin fever a bit. I checked the Spyder page and it's cool. Maybe try some of that stuff in a green bottle made by Turtle Wax for a plastic protector and restorer. I've had good luck with that stuff on sun faded plastics of all kinds. -midmichigan