Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Shag. What Image Does That Conjure Up? Take A Stroll Through The Green Shag Market And That Image Will Be A Smile In The Mirror! Status: New Venue In Town.


Everybody ready for another Shop Tour? It's not really a shop as much as an antique mall, but it's a good one. It's one that seems to try and cater to the vintage modern collector. Bully for us!!!


Once again the STL is lucky enough to have another great place to get your vintage retro hunt

on. Yes, the Green Shag Market is still an antique mall and there are plenty of venders there

dealing in the common antique mall wares but there is a very nice percentage of sellers pushing

the Retro, Mid-Century, Danish Modern and the like.


I'm not gonna bore you with commentary on each individual picture or item. Let me just say

that there is good stuff to be had here. Actually there were lots of customers carrying out lots

of stuff while I was shooting these pics so some of what you are seeing here is just gone! I'm

sure it'll be replaced by even more good stuff though.


And prices? Well, you know me. I may be Mr. Modtomic but, I could just as easily be Mr.

Cheapo, it just doesn't have the same catchy ring to it...anyway, even I was compelled to bring

something home. You'll get to see that another day. It was a good weekend to be Mr.



The place is located on Manchester Blvd. (5733 to be exact, St. Louis, MO 63110 [314]

646-8687) and is easy to find from either Hampton or Kingshighway, but it's closer to Hampton.

It's in an industrial area that hasn't been redeveloped so even though the building's facade has

a really cool subtle mid century look, you might not see it right away. If you pass it, turn around

and park it. You won't be sorry. Plus, we really have to try and support places like this. They

gotta make a buck to keep the (really cool and such a great idea) sliding front door open.


Holy cow...I took a lot of pictures!  I've been through some of the largest antique malls in

Missouri and Illinois.  Never have I felt the need to take so many pictures to show you.  I

think this speaks volumes for what a buyer can expect here.  Like I said before though, the

stuff was movin'.  I'm expecting a high turnover here so dropping by while out "checking my

traps" should become a regular thing.


The Green Shag Market has only been open for a few months but almost all of the booth

spaces were occupied. I only saw one "booth" that was empty though it may be rented and

the seller just hasn't filled it yet (there was a ladder in there with a price tag on it).


The owners of the mall were putting the "hard sell" on Mr. Modtomic to rent a space and sell

his wares there. What do you think? Could the Mr. make a go of it in an antique mall? I let go

of a couple of items about every two weeks on craigslist, would I sell that much more in an

antique mall? Hmmm...


If I was ever gonna test my lil' wings and stick a toe outside my warm nest this is the antique

mall I'd probably want to set up in. It's got a good mix of antiques, vintage, vintage modern

and contemporary. The location might not get a lot of drive by walk in traffic (then again,

maybe it does...ain't like I took a poll) but the mall does have a good looking home page and

does make it's presence known on craigslist and facebook, whatever that is.  It seems to be



Ok, I just gotta say something about the beer bottle swan. Awesome!


  1. I think you should give renting out a booth a try! It sounds like they have all the right elements in place (good mix of vendors and advertising/social media presence). You have an awesome eye for the good stuff, so you know you could flip a lot of things without the CL hassle of having to meet somewhere, etc. Heck, if nothing else, you could clear out your garage and fill it will more vintage stuff!
    If I ever visit SLC, I would definitely check out this place! Robin in AR

    1. Hi Robin. First, I have to address the "SLC". I think SLC would probably refer to Salt Lake City. We're in the STL! Saint Louis Mo. No biggie, I just didn't want you driving a U-haul all the way to Utah to find a distinct lack of Green Shag goodness.

      I'm sure I'd sell at an "antique" mall, but I kinda like meeting the people who buy this stuff from me! Plus there's all that paperwork to contend with and I'd be paranoid about shoplifters and the like. Maybe someday though.

  2. Did you buy the plycraft lounger? I had a friend tell me that I needed to go in there in check it out. $250 ?

    1. Hi Hannah! So good to hear from you again. Thought you had split the scene. The lounger was still there when I left, though there was lots of interest being paid to it while I was there. Give them a call.

    2. It was still there today when I went in! 2/26

  3. Gah! $250 for that Plycraft?! I would have driven down there from Chicago to get that!

    Mr. Modtomic, I think you should go for it! Maybe a short lease at first to see if it's worth it. It makes total sense! :-)

    1. Hi Diana. You SHOULD come on down to our lil' ol' town! Make a weekend trip of it and I can help you with good places to eat, shop and sights to see. Actually, that invite extends to everybody! I am still kicking the idea of opening a booth around.

    2. Someday, Mr. Mod. Someday! Gotta talk the husband into it and rent a van and all that! I'll let you know if/when we make it down there!

    3. You could catch the Megabus down here and rent a u-haul van to drive around here & back . Megabus is super cheap but the Girlfriend took it TO Chicago last year and did not find it objectionable at all...then again, she doesn't find life with Mr. Modtomic and his crazyness objectionable either.

  4. I'm done wasting my time shopping in Cincinnati... Time for another road trip to St. Louis!

  5. I'll have to come check this one out. There's quite a few new mid-mod stores opening in STL lately. You happen to know whether that Plycraft was more of an orange or was it a brown? Hard to tell with the lighting sometimes.

    1. Hmmmm...I'd say the Plycraft / Eames style lounger was a caramel color. Probably doesn't help does it? Go check it out, it's the only way to be sure!

  6. Sweet pics and very nice space. I'm sure if the prices were right I'd go home with a van full. Yeah, go for a space. If this place is drawing traffic you'd be sure to do well!!

    1. Howdy A Mod! You ain't got time to be comin' up here poaching my happy hunting grounds anyway! You got a shop to get going. But for real, when you do get a chance to get up here you will of course let me know (so I can clean out all my traps before you arrive! Just [sorta] Kidding Ha Ha!). Maybe we can goon a pickin' adventure together! And geez, looks like it's unanimous...maybe I should open a booth!

    2. yea, I'll let you know when I'm on the way! Not that there's no lack of "pickin" here in the hood but always love road trips. As per my earlier post we had a nice road worthy trip to Tenn. Hope we can meet up down the road and share a few stories and a few beers. You do have some decent brews up that way don'tcha??

  7. I dont wanna sound like a debbie downer, but that plycraft was a little rough if i remember correctly. I guess for $250 youd expect that though.

    It is a carmel color though.

    1. Oops, forgot to say Hi Johnny! And the comment below was supposed to be a reply like this but somehow got down there. Sorry!

  8. It was a little rough but it is vintage. The backrest's vinyl has a number of nicks but from 5 feet away it presents nicely and I'm sure it's as comfortable as it ever was. I bought my Mr. Chair for just a little less and HAD to completely reupholster it. I think it's a pretty decent price, especially compared to what these sometimes go for on un sat in!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on this place! I need to stop by and check out that turquoise chair with the curved back. A couple of years ago MoModerne gave my girlfriend one exactly like that because it was broken. I was able to fix it enough so its sit-able. I don't know why we need it but you gotta admit that its fun to find a match to a 60 year old piece of furniture you already have. haha

    1. Hi Nick. Uh oh, sounds to me like you got the same affliction as me with the collecting thing! Two would be nice...but then you'll see another sometime and you just won't be able to resist! Cuz three is the magic number!

  10. Great post! I'm a vendor there and love it. Nice blog, I'll definitely visit again.

    1. Hi A. G. Gal. It looks like a great mall and I hope it does well. I'll be dropping by often. I'm sure you'll sell like crazy there!

  11. Looks like a great place! LOVE that turquoise chair!! Very nice pics too! I have a good friend there at the Green Shag!

    1. Hi Southern Lady. The turquoise chair certainly has lots of fans! I'd be surprised if it's still there.

    2. The chair was still there on Sunday. It was priced a little bit higher than our will to own it so we decided to pass. I did pick up a couple Kromex herb shakers that match one of my kitchen sets.

    3. Hi Nick. Was the chair too far out of reach to ask the staff if the seller (I think they are actually one and the same in the case of the curved back turquoise chair) would accept an offer? I'm glad you found something good while you were there anyway!

  12. I'll have to check out the Green Shag next time I'm up your way...(I'm in Sikeston, 3 hrs. south)...
    Glad to have found your blog ~ :)