Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sometimes The Girlfriend Gets In On The C-List Scavenging Too. She Snatched This Swirly Globe Light A While Back. Status: Wants To Be Lit!


We got so much cool stuff that just sits around gathering dust that it's embarrassing!  As I recall the Girlfriend spotted this on C-list and asked me what I thought.  It looked like a good deal to me so I said she should go for it!  She did.  We got it.  We actually used it for a while when we were down in Tower Grove East (South City, St. Louis).  But now, it's just been sittin' there....juuuust sittin' there.


So I dragged it out and cleaned it up a little (oh the dust...the shameful dust!) to see what kinda

 trouble I could get into with it.  Well, if I'm gonna mess with it, I'm gonna shoot it too!  So I set

 the camera up as well to share all my crazy ideas with youz guyz.  Above it's just sittin' on a

 little lamp because I didn't really feel like actually wiring it up but I did want to show ya how

 pretty it is when illuminated.  It looks like the Sun!


One idea I had was to set it on a hairpin leg plant stand.  So I did.  Hmmm...kinda interesting

 but I'm not really feeling it.  You?  Note that it would not have the brass base of the lamp that

 is inside it at the bottom of the globe if I were to actually go forward with this crazy plan.

Still....maybe not.


This little plant stand was picked up at the flea market some time ago.  Ain't it a neat little plant

 stand?  It needs to be cleaned up and repainted but it's solid.  It's been buried out in the

 Garage for a while and I thought this was going to really be a match made in heaven.  Again,

 hmmmm....kinda interesting but I'm not feeling it.  And yeah, there's that little lamp sticking out

 the bottom again.  I think I'll stick with putting plants on the plant stands.


And hears the little work horse lamp! pretty cool little lamp don't ya think? It was just a couple

 of bucks from the Value Village thrift store and in great shape. The base isn't as great as some

 of those with the little tripod wood legs and although the shade screws directly to the top part

 of the base, I have to wonder if the bottom part is maybe a married piece. A married piece

 that...again, kinda interesting....but I'm just not feeling it.


  1. did u try hanging it as it is...i like it with the second stand too...but will itstay put?

    1. Hi Sudha. I'm just not sure where we'd hang it. Hanging it is a little too permanent too. Maybe in the laundry room!

  2. The second plant stand is interesting--sorta insect like. Definitely unique and I even kinda like the base. It feels futuristic somehow. Cool idea!

    1. Hello Anony. I just picked up another different plant stand this morning. Maybe it will work better. I don't know why I'm so stuck on putting this on a stand!

  3. Love the second plant stand like anonymous said above, looks sorta insect like. Very cool! I also love the idea of hanging it over an occasional table or in a corner over a bar or vanity even. Wow! Would love this one in my shop!