Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh No! What Does Mr. M Have On Tap For Today? How 'Bout Estate Sale Smalls / Sundries? Status: Ain't Surprised Bowling Ball Man Just Too Cute?


Actually I just plopped this Bowling Ball (the Girlfriends new personal ball [omg...she grabs like 5 diff. balls at the bowling alley]) on this Bullet Planter Stand and this "expression" of surprise appeared!  Of course I had to shoot it.  Look inside to see more various goodies culled last weekend.

This is the combined "smalls" booty from the two estate sales I hit this weekend.  Not a bad

lil' haul.  I looked all over for the "bullet" for the bullet planter base but it was just not there. 

Finding a Pair of Prowling Panthers made up for the loss.  The Paint By Numbers P-38

Lightning painting was one of the items that I was specifically after!  The amber colored glass

vase filled with river stones was just a lucky find.


I spotted this bullet planter base in the pictures advertising the estate sale and was hopeful

that I'd be able to find it's "bullet" as well but it just was not to be. I looked all over that

house for it too! Even after I paid for and loaded the rest of my loot. Too bad huh. I'll find

something interesting to put in there. Anybody got a "bullet" sans base that they wanna get

rid of?


How cool is this? I've seen all kinds of Paint By Numbers paintings and when I spotted this in

the ad pics for the estate sale I just wasn't sure it was a PBN until I saw it in person. I don't

know exactly why I'm so excited by it but I find it very interesting. The P-38 Lightning has

been one of my favorite aircraft (along with the Corsair F4U) since I was a child.


Rowl... Until just a week ago I had no ceramic prowlers. Now I got three! Two of which are

twins. I might keep one but some of these will end up on the craigslist ad. What the heck am

I gonna do with three?


Rocks? Why not! Looks kinda classy! Again, I'm not much of a glass collector since there's not

a real good way to tell who made it or how long ago. I'm just not that into it enough to learn all

about it. I kinda know what I like and go from there. This looked interesting...and was cheap.



  1. Hey! That is a great paint by numbers. Love the warm colors. Looks great against the wallpaper...that is wallpaper isn't?

    1. Hi Beccalina. That IS wallpaper and is original to the house....part of what sold this house to us!

  2. Too bad there was no bullet for that base, but it's a great base! I'd have grabbed that in a heartbeat. I used to not care for those panthers at all but now I have two and I love them.

    1. Hi Vintage H. Isn't it funny how are tastes change and are influenced over time. I look back at some of the things I scoffed at in the past and shake my head sometimes!

  3. Bet you used to watch Baa Baa Black Sheep all the time, that's how you got hung up on the F-4U Corsair.

    1. Hi Bopfish. Guilty! I loved that show! Plus those planes are very powerful for piston driven ships. I've seen a few fly in real life at airshows and...well, wow.

  4. I still need a shorty bullet to go with my tall one.. Perhaps one day I will find the bullet but not the base. I know who to call!