Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Drive Out To Columbia Mo Friday Morning Was...In A Word: Crumby. But The Reward Was Great. Not Just The Takings But Also Finding A Great New Antique Mall To Check Out! Midway Antique Mall, Columbia Mo. Status: Sadly, So Far Away.


Finally, the temp rose above freezing and the highway was clear.  I had purchased a dresser from a vendor at the Midway Antique mall over the phone with a credit card and needed to get out there and pick it up.  Driving 230 miles in the rain wasn't pleasant but the effort was rewarded.


I only had so much room in the back of the car and much money in my pocket, so a lot of

great stuff got left behind.  That amazing green vinyl and bent wood chair is a Plycraft that I've never

seen before.  I love the base.  Great items like these were scattered all about the mall.  I love this kind

of hunting and picking!  What's the fun in finding an amazing chair in a shop full of amazing chairs?


The dishes are a Ben Seibel design.  Not something I expected to find way out here in an antique mall

in the middle of Middle America!  Knowing that there is a place to scrounge through near Columbia

that looks like I'll be able to find a couple pieces to pick up makes the trip out here to pick up

craigslist finds just that much easier to justify. 


I came pretty close to buying this painting.  It's so hard to find vintage modern original artwork, much

less at an affordable price.  The chair is a Knoll / Bill Stephens design, but I've never seen one in a 

task chair configuration.  I'm not a fan of these chairs otherwise, but as a task chair it looks great!  

Who'd have thought I find one this rare way out here?


  1. Saw these last week.. The real deal you missed at Wasson Woods my friend.... Gordon Martz Floor Lamp

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Crap. Was it a super score / real bargain?

  2. Aaaa, that is my China pattern! I had heard rumors of a set for sale in CoMo but couldn't get the location clear. Now I know who to call!

    1. Hi Wendy.

      Careful. Before you drive out there call and have someone give you a couple of prices on the individual pieces. This wasn't real cheap.

  3. Wendy, I know where it is. Maybe you should come buy it and visit me. ;) -Angela

  4. I love that painting, and I live in Columbia! Do you happen to remember which booth/where it was?

    1. Hi Kate.

      I can't recall the booth number but it was in the big room and against the south wall about halfway down the aisle. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for the tip! I just bought it and am off to get it cleaned up & hung. I love it :)

  5. This is one of my favorite stops when I go to CoMo. I was actually there a couple of days after you and saw that beautiful Plycraft chair. I didn't purchase it but I admired its beauty. I always, always find treasures to take home with me, though. The whole complex was part of a reality tv series a couple of years ago called "Truck Stop Missouri". Fun!