Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When You Buy A Lot Of Used Furniture You Have To Deal With A Lot Of Upholstery That Needs Attention. I Brought Home A Bissel Upright Cleaner A While Back But It Can Be Unwieldy. Enter The Little Green Machine! Status: Cheap Clean.


Not all goodwill finds are of a vintage nature.  Sometimes they're just things you need and are useful.  It's nice when they are things that'll help you WITH the other vintage thrift store finds!  This little hot water upholstery cleaner is just such a find...and it was pretty cheap.


Even though this came with all it's original packaging you just never know if everything needed is

there and if the unit even works.  At just $20 it was worth taking a chance...and if there was a

problem I could always take it back.


Luckily everything seems to be in attendance and the machine seems to work properly.  The manual

is even in the box.  I've only run a little water out of the spray and felt good suction back up the hose

so I'm assuming it'll work when I finally need it.  The heater for the water works fine as well.


The package also contained a "turbo brush" and a bottle of cleaner concentrate.  I haven't tested the

turbo brush yet.  If it works, that and the water heater are two bonuses over the Bissel upright cleaner

I already have.  The downfall is that this "Little" Green Machine is, in fact, Little.  That means

cleaning out and refilling the reservoirs more often.  C'est La Vi, sometimes life just be's that way!


  1. You'll love the machine. I have one and it works great. It is pretty efficient and doesn't spray out a lot of extra water so you won't fill up the water reservoir super fast. Good find!

    1. Hi there Kim!

      Where you at these days? Been too long. I have been on the lookout for a smaller unit like this for some time...but you takes what you can get when buying second hand.