Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've Gone Through A Number Of Herman Miller / Eames Tables In The Past But This One Is A Little Different. I've Never Had One With A Full Wood Top Before. Never Even SEEN One! Status: At The Shop!


So with the soft opening of our new endeavor (Fleur De Lis - Home Source, 1105 North 2nd Street St. Charles MO 63301) just days away (!!!), I've been busy packing items new and old over to the the brick and mortar (literally, one of the walls is plaster over brick...found out the hard way).  This Eames designed / Herman Miller produced table just came into my possession last evening and I've already taken it over.


I spotted this on c-list yesterday and new I'd have to have it as it was identified as a Herman Miller

table in the ad.  At least I knew I wasn't taking a gamble on it being a knockoff since, well, you know

how imprecise the photos on craigslist can be.  I've seen and even bought knockoffs before but this

one was legit. What I didn't expect was that the top would turn out to be real wood.


What's more, the edge is real wood too!  That. in my humble opinion, places this table in the slightly

more rarefied realm of institutional pieces that actually should be in the home setting as apposed to

those that can "pass" or "work".  I have no issues with a standard Formica style top with a vinyl edge

but I'm certain that it's not everyone's cup-o-tea.  The top isn't in perfect condition but, it's a veneer

of real wood in a mahogany finish...that, if care is taken, I'm sure can actually be refinished if one were

so inclined!  I've done nothing more than knock the dust off with some cleaner and a paper towel thus

far but I'm gonna give it some Howard Feed-N-Wax love before we open the doors to the general

public at the shop this weekend


And of course, it's not new...there are some bumps and bruises to be expected. These two are the most

noticeable. The black legs are one the features that threw me. I'm accustomed to seeing Segment Base

Herman Miller tables with polished aluminum legs and a black upright. At least the new owner won't

have to worry about bumping and scratching the legs with their chairs now. Plus, I like to think that some

imperfections like this lend some authenticity to a piece. Like a well worn leather just looks so

much cooler than a brand new (or new looking) version. Anyway, if this or any of my other finds /

offerings pique your interest, come on down to the shop this weekend and check out what's the what!


  1. Interseting how detailed the care instructions are and how they provide the "proprietery" info. Nice find.

  2. It's a pretty table! I saw it listed and was curious about the height. It sits low for a dining table, right? I was wondering if regular dining chairs work with it?

  3. Best of luck on the opening of the shop on Second Street! We met your wonderful mom and saw the inside of the guys will do well at the location and we love the mix of styles! Welcome to our neighborhood, the River Belles.