Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Ain't Much...One Silly Little Plate...But What A Score! Having Quite A Sizable Collection Of Franciscan Starburst, Do I Need Another Dinner Plate? Status: Yup.


I was gonna feature this lil' beauty yesterday but those amazing Giancarlo (coolest designer name ever?) chairs showed up and I just couldn't wait.  I found this Tuesday morning before heading in to work having popped into the two remaining Florissant thrifts to check the local traps.


I love my Franciscan Starburst.  I have a HUGE collection of the stuff.  I've got a ton of it in my

Broyhill Brasilia china cabinet on more in the drawers...and yet even More still unpacked

in a box somewhere!  And now, another dinner plate.  But one plate?  What's up with that nonsense? 

::shrugg::  Dunno.


SIXTY-NINE CENTS!  That, my friends, is the cheapest piece of Franciscan Starburst dinnerware that

I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing...and I've gotten some sweet deals.  OK, actually...I paid Fifty

cents each for the seven teacups in my initial "starter" set that I picked up at the goodwill several years

ago.  But the dinner plates in that set were Two bucks each.


But one plate. It's driving me nuts. There had / has to be more! Did I miss it already, might it have been

put out today? Ugh. I got to stop torturing myself. I got plenty. Maybe somebody else started their big

crazy collection of Franciscan Starburst this week! Was it you?


  1. I went to an auction on Monday in Troy Ohio (little more than an hour west of Columbus) to bid on what was listed as a "partial set of Franciscan Starburst". It was 8 dinner plates, 6 bowls, 10 saucers, 1 tea cup/ coffee cup, creamer, sugar, 3 bread plates. It was nearly the last item to go to bid and the crowd had dwindled, just one older lady and I were bidding, I sorta lost track of where the bidding stood when I realized that the auctioneer said TWO hundred eighty five not one hundred eighty five. I wasn't paying that much for a bunch more saucers (I found 10 saucers at a Volunteers of America four months back)..

  2. Which Florissant thrift stores do you haunt ? We like the little Florissant Market - we've gotten a few very under priced mid-century modern pieces there...