Friday, January 18, 2013

Spaulding Melmac. Can't Get That One Wrong. It's Stamped In Full On The Bottom! I'm Glad Some Things Are Easy To ID, But If They All Were, This Wouldn't Be Much Fun Would It?! Status: All Hers!


The Girlfriend got in on the action at the Florissant Old Town Marketplace last weekend and snatched up this nine piece set of Melmac plastic.  She's crazy for the stuff!  Can't hardly resist a pretty little set like this when it makes itself available.


What a great color.  Coral?  And a nice even set too.  Eight bowls and one divided serving dish.  I

swear, one of these days we're going to have to consolidate all these Melamine and Melmac dishes.

We've got tons of them now and I really don't have any idea what kind of collection we're dealing with.

We're probably at a point where we should maybe start deciding what to keep and what to sell.


The set was picked up at the tiny antique mall here in old town Florissant but I'm pretty sure it came

from one local thrifts. The vendor didn't do a very good job of removing the markings the thrift store

put on them.  The are faint wax pen "X"s on all the bowls. It'll come off.  I have to remove these

marking all the time.  Once cleaned up these will be great for party chow.  Chips, pretzels, nuts...

what wouldn't taste yummy out of one of these?!


  1. One day we have a couple pieces of melamine, the next day there are hundreds spread out all over the house!
    I was going to post a big Boontonware find, but I guess I'll hold off a while.

  2. Nice find! Now and then I look at Melamine ware. I grew up using it so it does hold a place in my heart! It cannot go in the microwave, though, can it???

  3. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.

  4. The divided serving dish almost resembles "Florence" by Prolon which was designed by Irving Harper for George Nelson Associates. Very cool stuff, and it came in coral as well...