Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tuesday My Buddy Dan Put Me On To These Three Dining Chairs. Yesterday I Posted About A Set Of Chairs That Needed No Cleanup. These Are On The Other End Of That Spectrum. Status: Ew.


Yeah, these are a solid mess. They came out of a basement and probably haven't seen the light of day in decades. My buddy Dan told me a relative was moving out of an apartment and these had been in the basement since before they had moved in. They were going to the dumpster if I didn't get 'em.


I haven't done any looking into who made these but there aren't any maker marks or stamps on them.

There is a set of numbers on each as seen in the photo above.  I know, "Three?".  Yeah, I hate sets of

three like this but I've got desks that need chairs so breaking up this "set" won't be hard.


See how dirty?  The seat isn't attached to one of the chairs and you can see what the upholstery is

supposed to look like!  How many years does it take to accumulate that much dust and cobwebs?  At

least the chairs are otherwise sturdy and solid.  And I imagine (I have to, cuz I ain't tried sitting in any of

these yet) that because the seats are sculpted that they will be comfortable too.  Wish it was warm

enough to spend some time outside cleaning them up!


  1. Those chairs are awesome, even if dirty. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  2. Nice lines and likely worth the trouble to clean for the price. Maybe you'll turn up a tall round and smallish table and make a bistro set with two of them...

  3. I've seen these identified as Lane on the DC craigslist, though we all know how precise some craigslist posters are. Not saying it's correct, but it's a line of inquiry to pursue.

  4. I bought a set of these chairs (4 side, 1 arm) last summer. A google image search suggested they are by Lane. I love the lines. Mine are in somewhat better condition, but a couple of the dowels between the legs had been replaced with non-tapered ones.

  5. I have seen these identified as Lane as well. Found one on Etsy:

  6. Thanks so much for the ID info everybody! I've been busy with work and my schedule is all messed up.

  7. Interesting chair in the etsy link. The details on it just aren't as nice as the ones I have and the ones in the pic above. Notice the difference at the tips of the uprights, and the braces between the legs are completely different.

  8. An eBay auction for similar chairs identified as Danish, Identifying the wood species is sometimes helpful in deciding whether they are European or American inspired by Europe.