Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While At The Green Shag Market Saturday (Had To Restock, Sold Lots Over The Weekend!) I Picked Up Another Piece Of Brutalist Art. Matches The Brutalist Clock I Have Very Nicely. Status: Similar But Different.


I've been eyeballin' this big piece of vintage plastic art for months.  It was in another booth at the Green Shag Market but put up so high on the wall that I wasn't even sure it was for sale.  I couldn't see a tag on it and for real, couldn't be bothered to ask.  But when we stopped by this last Saturday to drop off some new items in My booth I saw it was sitting on the floor, much more easily accessed.


This is one of those issues that vendors / sellers in shops have to be mindful of.  Having something a

potential buyer wants is only half the job.  I feel like if an item is hard to get to or inaccessible, it'll suffer

from "too much trouble disinterest".  It's tough and I know I don't always succeed but I try to make sure

that any potential buyer can get to anything in my booth AND there's not too many smalls on anything

that someone might wanna take home with them.


Have YOU ever peeped out something like a china cab or a table at an antique mall, shop or flea market

that you'd love to take home but just thought it'd be to much trouble and take too much time to empty or

clear off, leaving it behind?  I have and I know that convenience plays a role in my purchases...at least my

impulse buys.  This Dart Ind. piece of brutalist artwork is a perfect example.  The whole time it was up

high, out of my reach...it was within my reach (pricing) to buy but I never pulled the trigger.  Once it was

where I could get to it, I grabbed it right up!


This and the clock (not Dart Ind. but Burwood Prod. Co., oddly enough!) are pretty cool but I'm thinking

about painting them.  There's some paint loss and some chipping on the new piece and there are some

small broken off tips and stuff on the clock, so they could benefit from some help.  I might go with satin

black with some dark silver / gunmetal dry brush accents.  Dunno.  Maybe just all shiny bright white!  Any




  1. What a nice set they make!! Me, I would like to see the colors kept original! Just match the areas that need a little repair and I can see someone snapping up the pair in a flash!!! You are amazing at finding all of this cool stuff!!!!

  2. I'm the guy who met you in the Schnucks parking lot that blustery March evening last year to sell you the clock. Your wall hanging is a great find to go with the clock! It's amazing that they are made by different companies. I'd say don't paint them. That faux metallic patina adds to the brutalist look, and that would be lost if they were painted. Are the broken bits noticeable? To be honest, I did not notice there were broken parts until I read your blog post the day after you bought the clock last year. It's hard to tell what's broken and what's not on a brutalist piece. Anyway, can they be filed down so they don't look broken? I always try to disclose flaws and problems in my craigslist posts so there are no surprises. This one got by me. I did disclose that is was resin and that the clock mechanism was shot, right?

  3. I'd have to agree with the above posts. Just do a bit of rehab and leave them original. Love the brutalist style stuff!