Monday, January 7, 2013

What Do You Get When You Cross The Mild Geekery Of Star Trek Appreciation With The Mild Geekery Of Knowing Way Too Much About Vintage Modern Dinnerware? Status: OMG, I'm Such A Big Nerd.


So when I'm posting here on the ol' blog I've almost always got something playing on Netflix because we don't do cable and I'm up at stupid o'clock and there's nothing on broadcast TV. Not only is Netflix great because you can watch great televion (like Doc Martin, Top Gear and Sherlock...I guess I got a thing for the BBC) and movies (anybody else watch Sleepwalk With Me yet?) but you can back up and freeze frame when you see something (relatively speaking) cool.  So what do the two pictures above have in common?  Follow me through the break!


If you can't see the Image above click here!

Am I the biggest cross pollinated nerd ever for seeing the Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern

dinnerware in Chartreuse here?  I see lugged coupe bowls, a dinner plate and a vegetable bowl in this

photo or screen capture from Season 1 Episode 7: Ex Post Facto.  Am I the only geek here who points

out every obscure piece of vintage modern furniture he or she sees on TV, in movies, TV shows or

commercials?  Has anybody else seen the Beautiful Heywood Wakefield "Dogbone" chairs and dining

set in the latest McDonald's commercial?  There was another for one of the newest smart phones today

that had just a hint of a Bertoia side chair in it.  I called it out...loudly.  Such a dork am I!


  1. Heh. I drive my husband CRAZY doing that.

    I also never noticed the Russel Wright china in Star Trek. I'll keep an eye out. I will say I think old sitcoms are a treasure trove of sightings, particularly of Danish Modern furniture.

  2. How about the Saarinen side chair in the Hardee's commercial and I think there is a funky Paul Volther chair in the Jack in the Box commercial with the "Dr. Evil" type villain on the Segway. And yeah, I did a double take and rewound the HeyWake/ McD one.

  3. Early 1970s exploitation films are the most fun for spotting vintage treasures: "it's a shame they're getting fake blood all over that Herman-Miller!".

  4. I caught the Haywood Wakefield in the Micky D commercial, partly because I own one just like it :)