Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lipstick Red And Bright Shiny Chrome Steel. Does It Get Any More Retro American Modern Than That? I Really Wish I Had A Bright Shiny White Tulip Table To Pair These Virco Chairs Up With. Status: Already Gone!


It's nice to find something that needs no cleanup, fixing or modification in any way once in a while!  These Virco dinette chairs are so nice in as found condition that I'll be able to offer them as of now.  Like I said, I'd rather set them up with a really cool table that shows off their "space age-yness" but I just ain't got one at the moment.


That's not entirely true.  I do, in fact, have a tulip table out in the Garage at this very moment but it's

black and needs a proper top fitted...and it's black.  Black would work with the red and chrome of

these Vircos but it's not really what I think would be the best look...but if somebody's interested... 

Anyway, yes..I know, they're actually student seating or more accurately; institutional seating. 

Heywood Wakefield made a chair called the Heywoodite that many of you may be familiar with

since it is somewhat collectible as vintage seating.  These Vircos are very similar in construction to

the Heywoodites but are a notch above in Mr. Modtomic's humble opinion.


Being built for institutional use you might expect these to be quite "heavy duty".  You'd be correct.  These

are by no means light weight, flimsy or delicate.  These will outlast most of us by a long measure, I'm sure. 

They're built to withstand the rigors of,  Teenagers even!  And they have.  I picked them up

from a small learning center that was closing up.  I wish they would have had more but this set of four was

it.  Still, I feel lucky in finding a matched set of four.


Hopefully someone else out there is hoping to find a matched set of four as well! One of the best features

of this set is that they stack, and look good doing so. Everybody loves Herman Miller Shell chairs but the

stacking bases aren't highly desired because they don't really look so hot. These on the other hand, well...

I think they were designed to look good with their bases since they never came with any other style.

Those chrome plated, splayed, tapered legs are pretty darn hot...not to mention the lipstick red seat

and back! That they stack means they won't take up so much room until they move.


  1. I just bought your shiny red chairs and am thrilled! Now the search is on for the table to go with them!

    1. Hi Anony.

      Thanks for stopping by my booth! I hope you enjoy the chairs. What kind of table are you hoping to pair them up with?

  2. I'm thinkin' either white pedestal or gray Formica/chrome legs.But I may go wild and pair them with a sweet yellow/chrome that I've had my eye on.Just bought a MCM in Crestwood and these are the second style-appropriate furniture purchase. How awful that I may have to spend years haunting booths like yours!