Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today I Got Started On A Project That I Should Have Already Had Done A Long Time Ago. Danish Dining Chair Upholstering Underway. Status: Part One.


The Girlfriend's Mom asked a while back if I knew anyone who could recover these Scandinavian style teak dining chairs.  Of course I do!  My Mom!  She does slip covers, light upholstery, lampshades and all sorts of sewing projects...just in case you need something done.  This posting will be part one of two postings.


So we were over at the Girlfriend's mother's joint helping with some moving and I was reminded about

the chairs so I shot some quick pics with the phone and texted them to my Mom for a quick estimate

on having them recovered.  Ain't technology grand?  I grabbed up the 4 chairs, put them in the back

of Frank and brought them home to disassemble.


They came apart very easily, just 6 screws for each chair.  I did this so that I could drop off the seats

and backs for the chairs at my Mom's and keep the legs and arms here.  I'll give them a good cleaning

and give them a nice drink of Danish Oil.  They're gonna look so good after this little project is all done. 

These should be done pretty soon and I promise to show you the "After" when we are all finished.

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  1. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. If you love the furniture and if you invest in some basic tools and some practice it can save you lots of dough for the easy stuff! Love to see these when they are done!