Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ah Summer Time! Can't Ya Just Imagine Yourself Kicking Back With A Tall Glass Of Ice Tea In One Of These Babies? Bonus, They Stack Together So They Don't Take Up Much Room When Stored! Status: Available!

20130905_123756 copy

I'm Hoping to have these down at The Green Shag by Friday afternoon...just in case someone would like to be enjoying them as soon as this weekend!  I can't promise that they'll be there THAT soon but certainly by Saturday.  We'll see.

20130905_123829 copy
20130905_123847 copy

I've still got to do a little bit of cleanup on these before I tie a tag on 'em and drop them in Booth 5

but they already look pretty great.  How about that POP of color?!  Just kinda make ya smile, don't

it?  If you're moving your mod decor to include your patio or front porch, a pair of hoop and strap

chairs are a perfect match. 

20130905_123958 copy

The strapping is in great shape and tight.  Did you notice the wrapped "armrests"?  Nice touch!  Oh

how I wish we had a pool in the back yard.  These would be perfect for a pool party!  Plus...then

we'd have a pool in the back yard.  Maybe I'll get one of those little kiddie pools to splash around

in for these last couple of weeks of summer.  Actually, the Girlfriend already said no.  :(

20130905_124332 copy
20130905_124037 copy

Look how sad and dry the grass is!  We've not gotten much rain here in St. Louis lately.  I probably

should be watering the lawn...but that would mean mowing more often.  And look...leaves on the

ground.  ::sigh::  Summer's almost done.  Boy, I sure hope we don't have another winter smack down

like we've been having!  Shoveling snow sucks more than mowing grass!


  1. Those are just adorable! I'd love to see them on the patio of the Hacienda, if only your booth was not so far away. Wish I could drop everything and road trip out there to grab 'em! But I bet they'll go to a good fam out in your neck of the woods. If they don't - let's talk price and shipping!

    1. Hi M. Betty.

      I'm kicking myself a little for failing to bring home some of those cool hoop chairs from up around Lake George last year! You just don't see those in these parts.

  2. I can't believe how similar our posts are today...both about outdoor chairs...and we actually say some of the same things. Talk about being on the same wavelength!

    1. Hi Dana.

      I was going to say the same thing...again! Great Minds baby...just chalk it up to Great Minds!

  3. True summer classics and they look like they're in great shape! This is year round outdoor seating down here in Tampa... :)

    1. Hi A Mod.

      You can just keep your temperate climate bragging to yourself Mr.! Generally, we get about 2 weeks of Spring and 2 more of Fall...otherwise it's heat and humidity or cold and snow.

  4. Don't water your lawn; grass has no use. Water your trees, which provide you hundreds of dollars of benefits. If the grass turns green from it, good deal. Also, I want those chairs like whoa! :)
    -A MidMod Forester

    1. Hi MMF

      Uhg. That.....TREE. I love the shade and how pretty it is in the Spring and Fall, but the gumball things it drops...and like thousands of 'em. ::grrrrr::

    2. Yeah those do suck. Removing the tree would suck more though.

    3. Hi MMF.

      No worries. That tree isn't going anywhere. If it ever does I'd like to replace it with a Ginko tree. What do you thing about that tree for the St. Louis Mo. area? The leaves are such a lovely green in the spring and go bright yellow in the fall. Maybe a couple of Quaking Aspens?