Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Got Out This Morning To St. Charles Mo. To Take A Quick Look At A Danish Desk That I Had To Pass On, But That Gave Me An Excuse To Hit The St. Chuck Thrifts! Status: More Smalls!


Meh, it's not an epic Danish Modern Teak roll top desk...but neither was the Danish Modern Teak roll top desk that I was hoping to pick up (epic...that is).  I really should get up and check them traps more often during the week.  You never know when luck is going to smile upon you!

Unfortunately luck did not smile upon me this morning, well other than finding some little fun

smalls.  Nick had alerted me to a teak roll top desk and Frem Rojle chair on c-list and I shot off an

e-mail and didn't get a reply until this morning.  So I tooled over to check it out in St. Charles this

morning but alas, the desk didn't make the cut.  I don't know a LOT about these Danish roll top

desks but the drawer faces were made of rather cheap looking particle board with a thin veneer of



One of the drawers had a chip in this veneer on the top edge where it wouldn't be seen when the

drawer was closed but for real, I just wasn't that into this desk anymore anyway.  I made a rather

half hearted offer on the desk / chair and as soon as the seller said that they couldn't accept I made

my goodbys and headed for the thrifts.  Now maybe all of those desk (selling on eBay for up around

3-400 bucks) are cheap particle board crap but I just couldn't take that chance.  Did I make a boo

boo?  If so, I made up for it later today! 


No, not with these smalls!  It'd take a heck of a lot of smalls to make up THAT difference!  These

smalls just help me not waste a morning drive to St. Charles.  I found the Georges Briard roasting

pan and the atomic carafe at the Salvation Army thrift but I can't recall where I picked up the Tiki. 

It musta erased my memory.  Them Tiki's is pretty powerful magic.  Remember the episode of The

Brady Bunch? 


I've actually got TWO of these atomic carafes now!  I've been meaning to get the other tagged and

down to The Shag for a while now.  Now I've got a pair to tag up!  Now that I think about it, I'm

thinking that I might go ahead and gather up my Briard collection and tag it up as well.  I'm not

doing anything with it and surely there is someone out there who would!



  1. Nearly all of those Danish teak roll top desks are cheap particle board. I have one (it's actually Swedish) with a stapled-on back, have seen a couple in the thrifts that are similarly constructed, and Daniel from Manhattan Nest talks about it here too: http://manhattan-nest.com/2013/04/04/new-desk/.

    1. Hi Kristen.

      Thanks for the link. That's a great blog post! Too funny. "Oh Well" on the desk. I still don't think the seller got their asking for it...and I saved my dosh for something better!

  2. I saw that Carafe while in the SA last week! I am glad that you snatched it up. ;)

  3. Most of the newer teak pieces are just overpriced Ikea junk. They may look pretty but are nowhere near the quality of the good vintage pieces. The new Scan Design is the same kind of stuff. Crazy pricing for thin teak veneer and particle board! I'm sure you did the right thing walking away and saving the change for some good stuff!