Sunday, September 1, 2013

So If You Happended To Read My Twitter Feed (You...Do Read My Twitter Feed, Right?) Then You Already Know That The Girlfriend And I Got Out To The Wentzville Flea This Morning. It Wasn't Up To It's Usual Standards But I Did Manage To Pick Up This Kovacs Floor Lamp And A Few Other Choice Items. Status: Whew...It Got Warm.


The VERY first booth we looked in we found this lamp and even though the Wentzville flea wasn't up to snuff, this George Kovacs floor lamp score made the drive out there totally worth it!  Yes, it needs some serious clean up...and a bulb...but it's super cool looking.


Yeah, the Wentzville flea was at about 70% today - both vendor and buyer wise.  I guess a

combination of heat & humidity / holiday weekend / chance of rain kept a few folks away.  That's

fine, there were still many a junk-tique stall to rummage through.  At least enough of them to make

Mr. Modtomic happy...and fewer buyers meant less competition for things like this awesome lamp!


So it's not strictly "mid century" being made in the year 2000.  Still it's of the mid century "ilk",

right?  What do you think?  Is that "patina" looking good and fitting in with the "aged" restoration

hardware look or is it a hot mess that wants for some good scrubbin'?  My brain says "scrub it"

where as my lazy body says "shut up, stick a tag on it and let's get it down to The Shag...Pronto". 


Wait, first thing's first.  I gotta find a crazy bulb that will fit this thing.  It don't take no normal bulb

and the small bulbs that fit in a nightlight don't fit either.  Weird.  I'll just haul the whole lamp over to

True Value Hardware where the staff are absolute genius at figuring this stuff out.  I gotta tell ya, I

LOVE True Value Hardware.  They have some of the most obscure fittings, screws and hardware you

could ever need...and if they don't have it they can get it or tell you where to find it...mostly.  That

place is SO my go to joint for hardware.  They'll have the bulb.  I'm sure of it!


  1. Following your tweets now, sir...and The Girlfriend's as well. :)

    1. Hi Dana.

      Thanks! I subscribed to yours the other day. Seems like a good outlet for tidbits of info not quite blog worthy.